Nardwuar vs. Nirvana pt 2 of 3

Nardwuar vs. Nirvana pt 2 of 3

Nardwuar the Human Serviette interviews Nirvana Tuesday January 4, 1994 PNE Forum, Vancouver, BC, Canada Part 2 of 3 For more Nardwuar interviews hop to:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

19 Responses to “Nardwuar vs. Nirvana pt 2 of 3”

  1. Jack Sims says:

    think it’s benson and hedges? 100 menthols dude 🙂

  2. Jack Sims says:

    think it’s? benson and hedges menthol 100’s @entheoapotheosis

  3. entheoapotheosis says:

    Classic Kurt smoking his Winston 100’s.? He was so happy here just being able to eat pizza without having to regurgitate it.

  4. rivaltheloop says:

    i love kurts voice but the voice of? the other guy is SO annoying!

  5. Jalenarx says:

    Kurt was so intelligent. Listen to this interview from the beginning. How many interviews with musicians currently, are all about music history? This interviewer is talking about all kinds of obscure shit and Kurt actually knows what he is talking about. It’s rather impressive given current music interviews. I just couldn’t see the same thing happening? with Justin Bieber. Damn I hate my generation.

  6. Dontgetmetwisted says:

    You mean Courtney was an asshole?? Kurt just seem’s subdued and exhausted. We all know Dave Grohl is a nice guy and Krist likes to clown around. Courtney just tainted them all because she’s a nasty ass hoe. I will say this so, Kurt needed to stand? strong and boot that bitch.

  7. racoonlover311 says:

    This nardwaur guy has? such an annoying voice!!!

  8. jdawg1692 says:

    Nardwuar? knows all.

  9. Sk8erGirl2k8 says:

    Courtney? in that big thick coat.. haha!

  10. jasperwoods says:

    you just called the interviewer annoying? isn’t that judging?

  11. starsky1012 says:

    Nardwuar knows everything.?

  12. kyle1m says:

    Kurt? only ate one slice I think

  13. SonDimz says:

    Your an idiot?

  14. SonDimz says:

    They were cute-Kurt…lol poor? dude wish he NEVER found Courny Love drugs

  15. Danielcaie92 says:

    My god Nardwuar knows his shit about? punk

  16. football256 says:

    they’re gonna invite spencer elden for dinner when he grows up? haha he’s grown up now and I? don’t think thats ever gonna happen at this point

  17. entheoapotheosis says:

    Sampled guitar riffs? That’s actually? pretty interesting, not sure anyone’s really mentioned Butch Vigg having done that!

  18. kjetilsenNOWAY says:

    This part of nirvana were a bunch of? assholes, but dont tell me that Dave Grohl is an asshole.

  19. johnnyapple1193 says:

    he is forcing them to slow down and think?