Nardwuar vs. Nirvana pt 1 of 3

Nardwuar vs. Nirvana pt 1 of 3

Nardwuar the Human Serviette interviews Nirvana Tuesday January 4, 1994 PNE Forum, Vancouver, BC, Canada Part 1 of 3 For more Nardwuar interviews hop to:
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14 Responses to “Nardwuar vs. Nirvana pt 1 of 3”

  1. phineas117 says:

    and has she been anything else? i know, kurt married her and all that….
    but? really

  2. phineas117 says:

    at least the guy could have let him? finish…whatever.
    and on top of that, you have courtney. nuff said…
    and I think the interviewer is annoying.

  3. Bob Bobby says:

    No,? you’re just an overly sensitive little prude.

  4. Bob Bobby says:


  5. ReturnToAus says:

    around 7 minutes, what are they discussing? Cant make it out enough to? even try a phonetic spelling.

  6. AlbionPunkBand says:

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  7. striken4pot says:

    I have never? seen him eat before..

  8. Ryan Buckley says:

    Kurt’s trying? not to laugh at his voice lol

  9. VideosforAudio says:

    I’m actually interested in band’s political views? hahaha!
    But of course I like to hear things actually about the music itself as well!
    Cool, thanks for explaining it 😉

  10. Martylovescats says:

    Nardwuar has this thing where he talks to bands about their favourite bands, instead of asking boring things like political views (what everyother interview is about these days). And I think Nardwuar is Canadian, so he tries to relate eveything to Canada, by talking about that one show they did in Toronto. Nardwuar used to be on? Much Music- until Much got rid of all ‘music’ shows.

  11. dany547 says:

    Kurt is giveing? the interview dude.

  12. TheAlobid says:

    WTF? Nardwuar is the best interviewer? ever

  13. dany547 says:

    dude, hes an asshole? kid , he doesnt even know how to give an interview.

  14. OzKnosis says:

    Cobain was a fraud who didn’t even write the? lyrics to his two biggest hits. His biggest claim to fame is dying and making Courtney Love rich as a result. The rest is bullshit.