Nardwuar vs. NERD – The Extended Version

N*A*R*D vs N*E*R*D ! Nardwuar interviews Pharrell and Shay of NERD in Vancouver, BC , Canada !
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Nardwuar vs. J. Cole

Nardwuar the Human Serviette interviews J. Cole at the Fortune Sound Club in Vancouver, BC, Canada!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

28 Responses to “Nardwuar vs. NERD – The Extended Version”

  1. LesnarNextBigThingF5 says:

    hes a little fruity in the head, but he is very creative? and i like that

  2. JohnCougarFish23 says:

    so that’s where the fountain of youth is.? I must find 18 year old virgins to maintain my youth. Wait do they have to be virgins or just anal virgins?

  3. stdeelee says:

    virgins buttholes?

  4. rezyrk says:

    I really really like watching these interviews nardwuar? does a good job

  5. thecool1here says:

    Exclusive beats for sale on ! ?

  6. Spade Dot says:

    LMAO@ phareall? being star struck!

  7. Spade Dot says:

    Nardwuar gets? more street cred than Drake!

  8. Matthew Randall says:


  9. PINEOMusic says:

    Pride of Canada!?

  10. Teh Nirtz says:

    Influences are not stolen, it’s notorious you know shit about artistic process.?

  11. Edward Cusack says:

    listen to NARDWUAR.? lol

  12. Edward Cusack says:


  13. launiz says:

    DonĀ“t get me wrong, I love this interview, but why is he so obsessed with Nards name. My? guess is that he is higher than a MF. The rest of the interview proofs my point, actually!

  14. W0NDERW0MANNN says:

    this? is why j cole is that niigga!

  15. zPengwahz says:


  16. lindsayybeer says:

    was? he singing at 1:40 lmao

  17. Yougetemigotem says:

    im? sad toopok died I feel reely bad but I didint do it but still

  18. PersianPolak says:

    J. Cole? is a cool dude

  19. Myriclet says:

    Couldn’t have said it better!?

  20. ThatsClassic714 says:


  21. papacherie22 says:

    nardwuar a? gee

  22. Baysidecrazy says:

    J.? Cole is the best!

  23. Major Mon says:

    Nardwuar vs. Chief Keef??

  24. JCOLE95COLEWORLD says:

    Nardwuar vs.? J. Cole part 2?

  25. AtrociousB says:

    Yet you clicked on this video??

  26. GhxztFvceKillvh says:


  27. CastroDaPrince says:

    i hate nardwuar?

  28. Taylor Younce says:

    “Luke,? I guess…what was Luke doin’ there?”