Nardwuar vs. Lil Wayne

Nardwuar interviews Lil Wayne in Vancouver, BC, Canada!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

21 Responses to “Nardwuar vs. Lil Wayne”

  1. MrRise17 says:

    LOOK: NO BS.? I know how frustrating it can be to go check out some rapper on youtube because of some brilliantly written comment on how it’s their dream and be COMPLETELY DISAPPOINTED, but i gurantee you that i am better than every single youtube rapper that has ever existed(internet famous or not) and will ever exist, AND if you listen to me you’ll probably put me in your list of top 5 young rappers that actually have talent. trust me you’ll agree, just watch this: watch?v=UL4C7xDht-I

  2. WMDimes says:

    Nardwuar is more? important than lil wayne.

  3. ofwg99 says:

    06:17 Hahaha :)?

  4. apachelife says:

    Honestly? you shouldnt judge a person based off music

  5. GSnip3 says:

    This was funny i was expecting Lil Wayne to do sumthin kinda aggressive or sumthin lik that but? nope it was good and funny

  6. purelivon says:

    I? died Laughing the First 30 seconds

  7. musicoverllife2 says:

    how does he know the numbers lmao..nardwuar never ceases to amaze me?

  8. grungeiscool says:

    So disgusted that I might have? to go take a shower after seeing this..

  9. HarryHayesMusic says:

    *cobain. #grammarnazi.?

  10. dysenterygary69 says:

    LOL. I died laughing at 9:54 ?

  11. Michael Vu says:

    I always bob my head? with the nardwuar head in the intro

  12. silkysox123 says:

    Why? Lil Wayne is a cool? dude.

  13. EraserTraceur says:

    Waynes memory is? astounding!!! Goes to show you marijuana doesnt effect ones memory. Governments tripping.

  14. wesdct says:

    man all the drugs have took a? toll on lil wayne hes starting to age quick

  15. woodywildfire22 says:

    Oh? Shit

  16. saturnstar718 says:


  17. andre51292 says:

    i don’t think so. he separated the musician the person. he may not like his music, but that doesn’t mean he would not like? lil wayne himself. take for example eddie veder. in an interview he admits he dislikes pearl jam, but that he does like eddie veder himself

  18. HBKstartstheshow says:

    lol i might not support a lot of his music but lil wayne is my boy lmao? funny ass dude

  19. Dalleman86 says:

    11:38? LMAO

  20. Nathanm968 says:

    Hes almost not? human, the teeth and tattoos etc.

  21. blanketshades says:

    his nose is leaking?