Nardwuar vs. Kool Keith

Nardwuar vs. Kool Keith

Nardwuar interviews Dr Octagon. Dr Dooom, Black Elvis, and Kool Keith in Vancouver, BC, Canada !
Video Rating: 4 / 5

10 Responses to “Nardwuar vs. Kool Keith”

  1. weltoniandystopia says:

    dr. octagon paramedic fetus of the? east

  2. antinsanwo says:

    true? OG

  3. illusional1 says:

    thieves do? not give credits.

  4. illusional1 says:

    wouldn’t you be bitter if people steal your? shit over 25 years or more ?

  5. illusional1 says:

    wolfgang sucks. and actually that tylerkid should suck dick right as he complains? about it – it fits their gay punk teenystyle. skaterfashionkids with agressive tendencies. these ***** just bite keith’ style and nothin else.

  6. illusional1 says:

    ur missin out? a lot. seriously.

  7. illusional1 says:

    poor soul. you should have tried more than? outkast and missy elliott…:P

  8. thebigone557 says:

    Nardwuar vs? Del the Funky Homosapien

  9. elffrog says:

    I love the very first second… You can tell they both were cracking up over some? grandness… ahahahah!

  10. elffrog says:

    Let’s do? some art people. I need it colab. Let’s do some thangs? some messy madness.. I’m eating Ronald Reagan’s bones… As I think of? these poems… Contact me