Nardwuar vs. Juicy J

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11 Responses to “Nardwuar vs. Juicy J”

  1. PeterNikolovski says:

    doo? doo doo loot too. then juicy j – do dor dur dur dop dup AHHAHAHHH AHHA

  2. BroncoNation91 says:

    MDMA, E?

  3. TheCountrysider says:

    ……V’s? Smoke Dza

  4. talmoosoo18 says:

    ahahahaahah ooh ok makes sense now i? watched it twice too

  5. murbz1 says:

    He? watched it twice 😛

  6. talmoosoo18 says:

    hahahah i dont get it?

  7. VoiDHussler says:

    Shit ! You can feel the positive energy trough the screen ?

  8. hobbskwh says:


  9. TheFy4 says:

    Thumbs up if u liked this before u watch it ?

  10. Pavleshka92 says:

    vs? Ye…

  11. Matty Elliott says:

    I never knew he? talked like he does in his songs