Nardwuar vs. Jello Biafra & The Melvins

Before a Jelvins gig in Vancouver BC Canada at the Croatian Cultural Centre, Nardwuar interviews Jello Biafra and The Melvins ! Check out the whole interview here:

While out on a fishing charter in Vancouver, BC we saw some transient killer whales! This is a rare event to have orcas hunting in the English Bay. We saw them as we were fishing on the coast of North Vancouver, and again near Stanley park on our way back.
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22 Responses to “Nardwuar vs. Jello Biafra & The Melvins”

  1. TheodoreChell says:

    King buzzo, you never know if his stories are true or? if he’s just talking to shit.

  2. leu2002 says:

    Rock on Chicago rock over London. Pepsi the? choice of a new generation.

  3. raphaelpommier says:

    J.B. is? amazing. Super candid and smart.

  4. FilthyMcNasty757 says:

    “Alanis Morissette” by Wesley Willis. From the album, “Fabian? Road Warrior”.

    RIP Wesley

  5. SupremeMaggot says:

    I hate? Nardwuar more.

  6. lukyganesh says:

    @1:19 does anyone know what that’s from? ?

  7. howard northcutt says:

    whos the queer? doing the interview.what a geek.

  8. subdivisions70 says:

    Ran into this again, God I hate everything about? Jello.

  9. subdivisions70 says:

    These interviews? are addicting.

  10. topstar654 says:

    shit jellos so tacky it makes narduar look? normal

  11. AJtheory says:

    Jello Biafra vs. Fred Schneider in a cage match…it’s gotta? happen

  12. AJtheory says:

    Daleson &? Crover, bah-dah-dah-dah-dah-daaaah…

  13. Enzymeable says:

    Buzz starts out kidding with grins,? but lands pretty soon after Nard talks to him.

  14. gibbsies says:

    roger taylor of queen? lol

  15. guitaneman says:

    thats awsome he almost took offence to being called billy rae cyrus LOL i laughed my ass off?

  16. trentigalaxy says:


  17. meekrob956 says:

    I’m beginning to get the impression that? The Melvins don’t particularly like The Misfits… blasphemy! Haha.

  18. TheGuinnessboys says:

    lol @? 1:18

  19. splendid696 says:

    respect? nardwuar

  20. ENEMENCIO123VISION says:

    BUZZ Looks? Just Like Jack OZBOURNE

  21. deadbirdsings says:

    C’mon Biafra, be honest for once in your life? and admit that you stole Halloween from The Misfits.

  22. deadbirdsings says:

    Why didn’t Nardwuar ask about Jello having to get his stomach pumped at an? emergency ward for having ingested too much semen?