Nardwuar vs. Girl Talk

Nardwuar interviews Girl Talk in Nelson Park, Vancouver, BC, Canada!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

12 Responses to “Nardwuar vs. Girl Talk”

  1. futanflqb says:

    Wow Greg Gillis is absurdly nice and beyond? empathetic

  2. illSli Shippy says:

    haha. i’d rather not be a? factor anyway

  3. eddy67 says:

    i was just trolling. i didnt mean it man. im the biggest nonfactor there? is

  4. illSli Shippy says:

    .yet. and i was? just being coy, no need to hate.

  5. eddy67 says:

    that’s? because you’re a nonfactor

  6. illSli Shippy says:

    i bet? narduar doesn’t know about my band or any of the bands i was in, hm hm hm

  7. SuperNickjordan says:

    with girl talk you could pull? out almost any record and he would identify with it

  8. arechiga00 says:


  9. legacy101ful says:

    7:29 guy failing at juggling in the park with bowling? pins . . . ?

  10. XBLHAX says:

    girl? talk bllows!

  11. jamekididdleshmiddle says:

    girl? talk sucks a lot

  12. Chancestodolak says:

    Rusted Root!?