Nardwuar vs. Ghostface Killah

Nardwuar interviews Ghostface Killah in Vancouver, BC, Canada!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

21 Responses to “Nardwuar vs. Ghostface Killah”

  1. drelkeps says:

    Ghostface? is such a cool, genuine guy. Much love.

  2. launiz says:

    @silvastian I? give up!

  3. silvastian says:

    yeahh… that’s why i asked.. Are you asking me because you don’t know or were you just tryna sound clever again? xD
    You didn’t? answer my question btw..

  4. launiz says:

    Do you even know what “grammar” means? Nothing to do about what I was? adressing in YOUR comment. See what I did there?

  5. silvastian says:

    lmaoo yeah i am,? do you gain pleasure after correcting grammar on a youtube comment?

  6. launiz says:

    I am not sure, but i think you mean you´re (you are).
    I am not english/american and for the love? of God I hope you are not either.

  7. 45shixa7 says:

    hahaha laughed my ass off at the end, ghostface is such a? chill? guy lol.

  8. nextexitgraff says:

    I? had the Chunky A tape, serious shit…

  9. silvastian says:

    whoa, your a? clever one..

  10. vocabularyspills says:

    Lol Ghostface makes cooking? noodles? sound fly.
    “Food is food. Noodles is noodles. You-na-mean? We do what we do.”
    Shit had me dying!!

  11. thebiz76 says:


  12. DOOKITdookit says:

    ghostface is? hella nice lol

  13. aharris82 says:

    Nardwaur vs. E-40, lol!?

  14. chimpetto0 says:

    what are you doin an? u-naw-census? let the man be u-naw-mean

  15. xSereneWolverine says:

    nardwuar vs MF? DOOM, pleeeeeeeeeaaaseee?

  16. bigboi6999 says:

    4:14 ?

  17. gangstawanksta022 says:

    i? know what he means.

  18. YoungManik says:

    He says “you know what I mean” a tun of times? but he never says “like” sooo…

  19. launiz says:

    “We lived in the same building, you now what I mean?”.
    Yeah, my guess is that you? lived in the same building.

  20. Prodma000 says:

    It just amazes me how articulate most the Wu-Tang members can really be. I mean you can actually understand where they are really coming from and they can easily express that in their? music. GFK is by far my favorite MC ever!

  21. exussupremebeing says:

    no,? It’s “ya kn-ow mean?” You know what I mean.