Nardwuar vs. Flea (1991)

Nardwuar the Human Serviette vs. Flea / Red Hot Chili Peppers. March 7, 1991. Vancouver, BC, Canada!

Short version edit from a longer documentary about Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. “Wastings & Pain”. Filmed on the streets of Vancouver, BC by KRT using Canon Powershot S51S and S31S cameras. Written and edited by Josh Laner. Original soundtrack by Brad Laner and Christopher Willits.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

29 Responses to “Nardwuar vs. Flea (1991)”

  1. 7UOO says:

    He doesn’t have AIDS, he’s HIV positive

    AIDS is fatal, if you? have AIDS, you have months to live

    If Magic Johnson had AIDS, he’d be dead

  2. TheMartini1234 says:

    Well, Nomeansno was formed before the Minutemen, so it’s more likely that Rob Wright influenced Mike Watt…?

  3. julesallford says:

    He mentions? Rob Wright & NOMEANSNO!!!

  4. CescoPisicoli says:

    “Magic Johnson was sick and? he didn’t play, i think he had a bad leg or something.”

    wow, just before he announced retirement for AIDS. :O

  5. CescoPisicoli says:

    Narwuar? vs. iamamiwhoami

  6. taz997 says:

    Retarded Mexican people and genius? Bulgarians.

  7. Julio Ramirez says:

    lol retarted? mexican kids jajaja FLEA ROCKS!!!

  8. Danimal77 says:

    Hard to believe that Nardwar? has been doing the exact same thing for this many years. He’s gotten much better at it though.

  9. HAYDS510 says:

    he definately did leave melbourne early… it’s pronounced burn not born ?

  10. MsWackypanda says:

    cause thats definitely him

  11. megadeth773 says:

    1991? He wouldn’t even be past? elementary school!

  12. MsWackypanda says:

    is that jake from? jake and amir in the background?

  13. cursedswordsman says:

    LMao at the creeper kid in the background.?

  14. ReallyRandomRoska says:

    I’m sorry, but what is with the interviewer? He sounds like a stereotypical? “nerd” who just got the wind knocked out of him.

  15. Spencer Tait says:

    Actually he looks like a Caucasian male human being, except he is way richer, way more talented, and? a better person then you

  16. Spencer Tait says:

    How do you know that??

  17. Spencer Tait says:

    This must be the only interview you have seen with flea then. Flea is CRAZY awesome and? is the best bass player on earth.

  18. TMZreporter says:

    i thank god i found the methadone clinic everyday. cause 2 years? later i have been clean. sober. i have a job and my family back.

  19. bluesborn says:

    “You had NO funds to work with.”
    “Shut yer fat? head” Lol! God love em.

  20. rsohlich1 says:

    when? did she die?

  21. rsohlich1 says:

    same difference mostly. Both are opiates and have similar effects, But mainly heroin, and when she couldn’t get H she? would get morphine or another opiate. She also did meth and crack.

  22. mrperople says:

    American’s do drugs in canada? what’s wrong with there? own terf What assholes, most of em are american’s

  23. verrywellhung says:

    They don’t even go to main and hastings.? This is just off of cambie.

  24. danielsnyder1 says:

    sad lost?

  25. kimatoz3 says:

    Lisa & Ken? are both rather likable.

  26. butt says:

    ken=heisenberg in a? few years

  27. marlito166 says:

    I was a little confuse, what was? her addiction? Heroin, morphine?

  28. Ishbell1 says:

    a? mad world indeed…

  29. Ishbell1 says:

    I think Ken? has serious issues….wtf….he has a god complex for sure….