Nardwuar vs. E-40

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

20 Responses to “Nardwuar vs. E-40”

  1. rmazurel says:

    Nardwuar? vs. Borgore

  2. carllinsao says:

    “What are? your words for poo-see?”


    Hahaha, E-40 is hella OG.

  3. Sm0k3009 says:


  4. Steadno says:

    word on gettin ish? for mom

  5. kapr3cious says:

    He didn’t really.? He purposely pronounced it “Poo-See”

  6. kapr3cious says:

    Curren$y vs. Nardwuar!!! Tables? turned!

  7. meandy213 says:

    11:21 Lmfao? 11:28

  8. ILuv420Weed says:

    Nardwuar vs. Three? Loco

  9. BurningFliesAlive says:

    God, this guy. Great video man! Just stumbled upon this randomly. Love it.? E-40: Much love, you know your sh*t. And you’ve lived it. Hmu if you ever see this. It’d be an honor!

  10. KendallDF93 says:

    Nardwuar vs Samuel L.? Jackson

  11. EricC415 says:

    this made snot come out? my nose

  12. tanveersingh96 says:

    lololol you like lil wayne, all? your rap opinions should be DISREGARDED.

  13. biscuitsforever44 says:


  14. DrinkDatFourLoko says:

    E-40 a real G !!!! ?

  15. CardiganSnoopy says:

    Waited for this for SO LONG!?

  16. Marz916 says:

    Yeah, In A Major Way and Hall? Of Game are two of my favorite E-40 albums.

  17. runawaychild666 says:

    wow a? rapper that comes across likeable!…..

  18. Nicholas Armbrister says:

    He sounds like John Madden.?

  19. Luke Thomas says:

    haha. you? under-dig

  20. DJFreudian says:

    Flips so many? words, what a slick dude!!