Nardwuar vs. Duff McKagan

Nardwuar the Human Serviette interviews Duff McKagan backstage at the Pacific Coliseum in Vancouver, BC, Canada!

14 Responses to “Nardwuar vs. Duff McKagan”

  1. richiebridges816 says:

    wish i could bleach my brain after? listening to this guy

  2. TheKasia908 says:

    Duff McKagan! Not McKagen -.-?

  3. ChrisM1234 says:

    3:50 Duff is backed into? a corner when Nardwuar asks about his interest in Adam and The Ants.

    Love how he goes straight into denial 3:55 and then tries to explain the jeans with? such intensity in his eyes seconds later. 4:10


  4. DanTheManFantastic90 says:

    2:28 Nardwuar tries to pull the old switcheroo and get his record? back, fails.

  5. porridgesilt says:

    The? Duff

  6. KraljOsovina says:

    8:34 Duff Mckagan goes mad!? 😉

  7. otakunik1 says:

    if i was in a band i would love it if the interviewer asked shit like this….we want the Nardwuar show? now!!!!

  8. dirty30jr says:

    I like how Nardie? reminds these guys that they were geeks once upon a time

  9. P0cketfull0fsunshine says:

    I love the way Nardwuar puts people? totally off guard, they’re just baffled by him lol

  10. brknspacebar says:

    lol? “you put your cup down on it”=(……bad form nardwuar lmao

  11. apatheticgeneration says:

    Awesome interview, I was a huge GNR fan, then one day I ciut my hair and started listening to bands like DOA and the Dead Kennedys. Great to hear Duff discussing bands like the fartz , fastbacks and subhumans. Thank god for nardwuar lest we? have another interview full of Axl-related questions!

  12. NicoleLovesSlash15 says:

    Forget Hilary I’M AVALIABLE!!! …. baby got back 😉 Damn? I love Duff

  13. Ryan Hunt says:

    Nardwuar honestly knows his shit, got to be the best interviewer around!?

  14. subliminallz says:

    Nico? Teen is my favorite name of all time.