Nardwuar vs. DJ Premier

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19 Responses to “Nardwuar vs. DJ Premier”

  1. TheBraxone says:

    you know you shit unlike runnin p1 hahaha?

  2. ThaKoolestKid says:

    Ive never considered DJ Premier to be? that legendary. I never witnessed any growth from him

  3. Dokholiday787 says:

    Didn’t Know Premier Was? so RASPY….thanks Nard!

  4. 0XYGENgone says:

    Props to Pharrell for adding Nardwuar? on the payroll and seeing the talent he has.

  5. 0XYGENgone says:

    Dj Premier looks like? Forest Whitaker with a hat on

  6. stopitfive says:

    Nardwuar? VS AB-SOUL

  7. ackapollo says:


  8. andriolo says:

    Yeah, Nardwuar mentions? it

  9. andriolo says:

    Dilla changed? your shirt

  10. justinhpark says:

    Nardwuar vs? Hopsin

  11. westsider800 says:

    if people wanna know why Premo didn’t say shit? about that vic juris record, peep the end of track 4 on moment of truth.

  12. Kongsted2970 says:

    Nardwuar vs.? Kanye West !!!

  13. RunningP123456 says:

    id go? with dilla

  14. frakjrich23 says:

    premo is so wise I get? the chills when he speaks

  15. Lirdawg says:


  16. WMDimes says:

    Narduar pleae interview everyone.? you are the only proper dude who interviews musicians. You are the ONLY person who makes music journalism worthwhile.

  17. GoodLooksEnt says:

    haha? so good

  18. Putnegre says:

    03:00 For the? lazy ones that don’t wanna dig too hard, That record is where Preemo took the Mass appeal sample.

  19. RaekwonSaysSonALot says:

    Such a nice guy as? he is a musician.. Respect