Nardwuar vs. Das Racist

Nardwuar interviews Das Racist in Vancouver, BC, Canada!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

34 Responses to “Nardwuar vs. Das Racist”

  1. Dalleman86 says:

    what did nardwuar say? at 07:49

  2. MultiMrMiles says:

    nardwar-schoolly D- thats what i wanna see- minimum 25 minutes.? Period!

  3. blacksteve27 says:


  4. MillionaireMoveTv says:

    kmd is mf doom old group right??

  5. muhammadhaziqhilmi says:


  6. heusker says:

    All these rap? guys that Nardwuar interviews like Egyptian Lover. I used to listen to that in the 80’s a little, never heard anyone ever mention him/them…

  7. illbychoice says:

    yeah for real? nothing but a gimmick

  8. Free411 says:

    haha are you serious these dudes seem even cooler to me after watching this video, but maybe its because i have the same sense of humor?

  9. bia1289 says:

    worst band? ever

  10. evanfity says:

    oh my god. id kill ANY endangered species for that.? honestly

  11. hadar7773 says:

    any explanation to the thing? w/ tha fahak das racist? didn’t get that ones about

  12. pedro6199782 says:

    lol these guyz? are fukin poor

  13. demedusaacademy says:


  14. banditgrl says:

    You alright Nardwuar? ahahaha! I was drooling? at the end…

  15. slizzeredinablizzard says:

    they were? not impressed you gotta come harder the that nard tard

  16. JerrelMD says:

    That’d be tight?

  17. nem700 says:

    jamaica in? queens? lol just for that im going to listen to their music.

  18. cameronsferrari says:

    I feel like they be? awesome guys just to kick it with

  19. GiftedFiasco says:

    These guys are too? cool.

  20. mrswasiland says:

    lol and what, pray tell, do I need? luck for

  21. americannable says:

    sorry, i dont? play with kids. good luck tho

  22. ImTooBoredToThink says:

    people need to stop writing novels in the comment section?

  23. rupinderbraich says:

    People killin’, people dyin’
    Children hurt and you hear them cryin’
    Can you practice what you preach
    And would you turn the other cheek

    Father, Father, Father help us
    Send some guidance from above
    ‘Cause people got me, got me questionin’
    Where is the love (Love)

    Where is the love (The love)
    Where is the love (The love)
    Where is the love, the? love, the love

  24. loneryder85 says:

    “bbqs and ballgames??” thats not a script, like fo real people do think like that, so people will be people and if you find it in yourself to go after it, you will find yourself going through a very treacherous experience such as bindy and cheema, I never heard of these? guys b4 until i stumbled across this documentary. sadly bindy paid the ultimate price,with his life. I heard bindy made millions, that being said respect and status is probably stronger than morals and principles.

  25. loneryder85 says:

    for example look at tanvir, you think that kid wouldnt like to have a million friends who were into good activites…something is holding? him back from getting involved with the other kids, possibly the reasons i stated in my previous comment

  26. loneryder85 says:

    low self esteem, lack of patience, a longing to fit in? with a group…are just a few of many reasons why some kids turn this route. U seem like a smart dude, but me i had to see what all the hype was about, there goes another reason right there; curiosity…and dont make it sound like oh they wannabe gangsters…when you do crazy ass shit, there is no wannabe to it…to me it sounds like you’re glorifying it..some people fall into this way of life..

  27. desitiger says:

    Plus there is no excuse whatsoever now why these young indo-candians can’t do anything with the lives, instead? of becoming wannabe gangsters.

  28. desitiger says:

    Sorry don’t agree with u,look what people like Bindy/cheema have created and influenced a lot of Punjabis to become and aspire to. They glorified guns/drugs/murder, according to all in the name of racism? Brown people now fight over stupid things and kill each other.We had the same racism issue here in the UK when Indians first came here – i can safely say we have come through it, where we are now a successfully? flourishing group. I don’t see this problem happen anywhere else outside of India.

  29. loneryder85 says:

    i dont condone? the violence, because we are all one race, so stop bullshittin wit eachother…thats all.

  30. loneryder85 says:

    n*gger wannabees??? let me tell you somethin when you in another mans land (White mans land) you have to assimilate into the culture…some kids just dont have what it? takes to be like you. so they strap up and chase the ultimate dream by any means necessary. everyone comes to the crossroads at one point of their lives…bindy johal, cheema all grew up in a racist ass time, so dont blame them for makin it a little bit easier for punjabis to hold they own. but i dont condone the violence

  31. WizGodKhalifa says:

    dude im brown and actually im VERY glad you said that our community needs learn something like seriously im actually ashamed to be a indocanadian it pathetic the “strength” we try to project on the? outside but on the inside these guys just wann slack off

  32. loneryder85 says:

    1:06 brown kids fight with brown kids, you got the cat Bindy? Johal, Cheema, show the world that punjabis are no joke, and you dudes is fighting wit eachother, killing each other, over pussy, and money, both things that u can get if you guyz would stick together like the marines. you see the chinese, you see the latinos…you got brown killing brown, how smart is that.

  33. dirtymains says:

    i live in van and all these pakis? cant fight 1v1 its reallysad

  34. Magik604 says:

    The whole racism thing is bullshit. Indo Canadians have the exact same opportunity as anyone else in this country and they project? more racism than any other group in the lower mainland. These guys are absolute jokes. Surrey = shithole.