Nardwuar vs. Daniel Johnston

Nardwuar interviews Daniel Johnston at The Comic Shop in Vancouver, BC, Canada!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

14 Responses to “Nardwuar vs. Daniel Johnston”

  1. Mike Twain says:

    grievances off songs? of pain

  2. save16thave says:

    Did anybody else notice the two girls when the camera scanned around the room? They were staring? at Daniel like they were in awe. They must have realised that they were in the presence of greatness.

  3. DrDerviche says:

    What a poignant rendition. I hope those few people? in the shop realised how graced they have been to be there at that time…

  4. Logjam5 says:

    Most annoying? interviewer that I have witnessed.

  5. Rubenthepoet says:

    What’s the song Daniel Johnston is singing? Can anybody help me??

  6. bigsal1026 says:

    Daniel Johnston is one? of the greatest songwriters, brings tears to my eyes

  7. zoidburg002 says:

    ‘Dudes so? awesome, I love this guy..

  8. pickingitup91 says:

    samesies just today i was thinking i wonder what it would be like if nardwaur interviewed daniel johnston completely ignorant and what do u know? lol

  9. dady73 says:

    Dans a manic-depressive. ?

  10. felixsnowVEVO says:

    i think nardwuar is giving dan severe anxiety throughout the whole interview? LOLS

  11. dgmcl3284 says:

    Love Dan? and the Nard

  12. anthony alexander says:

    Myopic viewpoint. Perhaps they are not to your taste, but they’re to the taste of others. Nardwuar is an interviewer, not some authoritative figure of who? to listen to. As an adult you should be making those choices for yourself. Also note that he has a very short criteria when it comes to “booking” interviews. Mostly because there is no bookings. If you have a little buzz in the music scene and you are in the Vancouver area, he wants to interview you. Period.

  13. RyanTheWest says:

    Also, yeah, sure, three cheers? for the “exposure” of such life-changing artists as “Kreayshawn,” “Lil B,” and “Young Jeezy.” Christ, how would anyone hear about that struggling young band from Liberia, “The Strokes” in 2012 without the aid of Internet Cult of Personality: Nardwuar!

  14. anthony alexander says:

    Again, you seem to be missing the point. Your opinion sucks. There is a deep reason why we are watching a Nardwuar interview and not one by RyanTheWest. If you want to watch satus quo interviews with cookie-cutter interviewers then by all means go? turn on your television and waste away.