Nardwuar vs. Cut Copy

Nardwuar interviews Cut Copy in Vancouver, BC, Canada!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

13 Responses to “Nardwuar vs. Cut Copy”

  1. antimax says:

    wow… Henry’s got a stick up his butt er somethin??

  2. CasparWilson says:

    what an eloquent comment! nobody would have guessed you are a moron from Melbourne…who has never been to England, and which I don’t live in? anyway.

  3. colin4393 says:

    England is a shit hole.?

  4. jabbalofsky says:

    to not know of cut copy is to not have? lived

  5. CasparWilson says:

    someone should tell them that its not cool to be so obsessed with what is and is not cool. But then, they live in Melbourne so I guess they are beyond? hope

  6. CasparWilson says:

    i love the theme so much. I? want to get a group of pretty blondes to sing my name repeatedly in a 60’s bop style.

  7. Gibson2471 says:

    hes like a lawyer….he already? knows the answer to his questions

  8. whitebullterror says:

    i saw them in miami and i? was hyped for weeks after the show.

  9. GustavsStrazdins says:

    omg this dude is the greatest! I like how he changes the? 1st impression about him by giving them and others whose he has interviewed those vynils 🙂

  10. andrespascoe says:

    do kendrick? lamar!!

  11. mBazdawi says:

    Nardwar vs.? Kendrick Lamar (pleaaaase dude u have to!!!!)

  12. Prototype96 says:

    why no mf? doom?

  13. wordwordword101 says:

    this is a great? interview i don’t know them but checking them out right now 🙂