Nardwuar vs. Curren$y Pt. 2 : Return of the Nard!

Pt. 2 : Return of the Nard! Nardwuar interviews Curren$ y at Fortune Sound Club in Vancouver, BC, Canada !
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11 Responses to “Nardwuar vs. Curren$y Pt. 2 : Return of the Nard!”

  1. Eric Deveaux says:

    aww man yo… dont hit me in the face with that? mic dawg!!

  2. jerrell402 says:


  3. wesdct says:

    drake wasnt on young money while curren$y was.. he left cause they? wouldnt put out his album and he was writing for lil wayne at the time.

  4. ErekOstrowski84 says:

    @jay? jay. Spitta used to be signed to cash money, but they never really pushed his music. They focused on drake and other acts in that group. I also heard that Wayne felt threatened by curren$y. So that’s kinda what all the bad blood is about.

  5. DLMNTL1 says:

    Lil Wayne couldn’t get a hold of the? spitta! Haha

  6. dremainebars says:

    9:41 when Nardwuar said Snoop Dogg Spittas eyes got huge then? when he said Lil’ Wayne it killed his high hahahaha

  7. WhenGaysTalk says:

    The BLACK GUY looks like he’s? ON crack

  8. B3RRiOS2K8 says:

    lmao ?

  9. B3RRiOS2K8 says:

    7:50 he forgot where? he was for a sec and then quickly started goin along with it again lol

  10. jay jay says:

    why? he dissed the bigtymers tho..?

  11. bigramp504 says: