Nardwuar vs. Best Coast

Nardwuar interviews Best Coast at The Cobalt in Vancouver, BC, Canada!

13 Responses to “Nardwuar vs. Best Coast”

  1. HostilePasta says:

    I heard Best Coast? and I fell in love with Bethany’s voice then I saw what she looked like, and at first I was like, “meh” but after I see more and more videos of her, I’ve fallen in love with her all over again, she’s beautiful :p

  2. z0mB1Fi3d says:


  3. RSC510714 says:

    “So? god, what can you tell me about ‘Big Bang’?”

  4. TheTipplerstv says:

    I like Ali? with the vivian girls better!!!

  5. ekolke says:

    I love Best Coast, Bethany,? and Bobb! I am sorry Ali is no longer in the band. Ali is awesome!

  6. NuggiezVEVO says:

    The? Queers! AND THE ERGS!!!!!
    but punkorama’s gay

  7. Catch22ish says:

    YAY! He did do an interview? with Best Coast 😀

  8. TheAina1037 says:

    and bethany? is a total babe

  9. TheAina1037 says:

    u? guys best coast r da bomb ok..

  10. dairylandbogurt says:

    Yeah all high? and mighty with that holier than thou attitude lol

  11. Roodski says:

    or… he might act like? the Sonic Youth did in their Nardwuar interview lol

  12. BoomBoxJakey says:

    Vivian Girls can have her back. She’s out of the? band.

  13. meatwad376 says:

    he already? did.