Nardwuar vs. Asher Roth

Nardwuar interviews Asher Roth outside Beat Street Records in Vancouver, BC, Canada Subscribe to i am OTHER on YouTube to stay updated on our daily releases: ? Videos, news and more: ? Like i am OTHER on Facebook ? Follow i am OTHER on Twitter: ?
Video Rating: 4 / 5

21 Responses to “Nardwuar vs. Asher Roth”

  1. SharpChurR0 says:

    If i see one more galaxy? s3 commercial…

  2. probablylikelynot says:

    vincent van gogh? chilling in the background ;d

  3. probablylikelynot says:

    lol have you seen nardwuar? vs nerd?

  4. AgentSimms14 says:

    Nardwaur is such a stalker lol?

  5. John Cena says:

    Tags: Carl Sagan?

  6. TehRealClawz says:

    hahaha it? was funny as hell

  7. Antwan Henderson says:

    Ash Roth is hella hard for? that

  8. TrueSkool505 says:

    That record is not as rare as people tend to think. It goes for? a few bucks on Ebay with the rolling paper

  9. EconomyShark says:

    I’m pretty sure it’s Vincent? Van Gogh, he does look a bit like Chuck though

  10. Diispaceyone says:

    Do doo doodle oh? do …..pewm phew

  11. SoftSpokenSoul says:

    lmao, that awkward moment? when Nardwuar freezes and they don’t know what to do lol, omg I love it

  12. motherofallweedplant says:

    nardwuar jedi? mind tricks?

  13. FatalxFiasco says:

    Asher? seems like a real chill dude

  14. 3580cali says:

    man they really bagged on asher though haha?

  15. wallibyjones says:

    most? common word you hear people say to nardwuar is “wow!” lol

  16. Dizzymo3 says:

    chuck norris!?? is that you know?

  17. elffrog says:

    Kal Ort Por?

  18. Aspenfash899 says:


  19. Aspenfash899 says:

    asher is? beaut!

  20. augustrunsred says:

    So you’ve never heard of Vincent Van? Gogh?

  21. flippymcburgers says:

    is that a mural of? chuck norris behind them?