Nardwuar vs. 2 Chainz

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Steve Earle Live at the Orpheum in Vancouver. January 23, 2010 – filmed by me.

33 Responses to “Nardwuar vs. 2 Chainz”

  1. Taylor Younce says:

    “Nard, you a trip,? boi”

  2. nicholeycolaify says:

    In the US that’s the? perfect score.

  3. 90CherryB90 says:

    yes a? 4.0 is the highest grade point average you can get in school

  4. xXvengeZz says:

    i dont live in the us is 4.0? good?

  5. xSIMPLExMATHx says:

    bro’s gettin tha hook? up he funna be spazzinn on beat’s

  6. TCMIXTAPETV says:

    Hes Smart enough to understand what type of music makes? money…

  7. dashMTV says:

    When the nerd blows at the mic? it gets ANNOYING.!!!

  8. cueuoreffu says:


  9. jargana127 says:


  10. jargana127 says:

    he went to alabama state university and virginia state. 4.0 gap?

  11. ninesticks says:

    wow…every? time it’s great….age be damned

  12. TheOBOM says:

    Frankly, my dear, I don’t think he gives a damn! ๐Ÿ˜‰ He’s the kind of guy who couldn’t care less about his looks,? as long as his music still rocks, and dear me, it ceartainly does!

  13. Jimr0065 says:

    Just saw Steve in Wyoming. He is definitely an American treasure and seems like a very decent guy. I may not agree with everything he says but at least he has the cojones to say something. I could care less what he looks like and find these type of comments ridiculous. Anyway, take a look at? his wife – looks like Steve did alright in that department. In my opinion he is as strong as ever. Can’t wait to see him again.

  14. BRBluebird says:

    Nice one, thanks!!? ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. TheDirtbiker19 says:

    great? song, better artist

  16. wildcountrykat says:

    so sad to see the toll his life has taken on him. still love his voice and music tho. ?

  17. GodoftheHanged says:

    Yeah, that whole “addicted to? drugs for 20 yrs” will do that to a guy.

  18. JR WILSON says:


  19. hellavaguy says:

    My god. I love Steve’s work and I have several of his albums but I do have to say that I was surprised at his appearance on this video. I mean he just looks so different …? so old … and before you jump to conclusions … I am 65!

  20. Jsmith7790 says:

    Love Steve a lot. A++

    Lucky he? was able to get into Canada with the dings he has on his record from years ago when he was addicted and doing dumb stuff. They turn away people at the US Canada border for any F tag. I guess there’s some sort of appeal you can make.

  21. therodski1 says:

    Who cares what? a person looks like, for crying out loud, he’s doing a great job

  22. MrGrevy says:

    What do you mean like we all have to? get old?

  23. TheMattirle says:

    3 people didnt stay away from copperhead road!?

  24. starwarzfreak1234 says:

    Dude,? relax.

  25. joelwhitson says:

    As it was meant to be.? He jokes about his marriages how much they take a toll on a man.

  26. ssweetshell1 says:

    Stupid statement? there….

  27. ssweetshell1 says:

    Amen to that statement….like to see what these kids look like at 57 if they survive that long….with no respect for their elders…or common knowledge of what is was like to live in the 60’s? & 70’s

  28. ssweetshell1 says:

    I hope that you live to be 57….it may be “old” to some…but we sure have more respect and knowledge? of what it takes to survive in a rough world… can have effects on a person that don’t show visually…if you know anyone person that was in Viet Nam or any war….God Bless them if they don’t show signs of be “affected” by that !!

  29. joelwhitson says:

    Easy people. He’s been married like six times! He should? look like hell!

  30. jimknopf64 says:

    es sind leider zu viele kirchweihschreiher hier ion…..macht euch mal bewusst, um was der song geht, ist nix mit scheiรŸ gaudi, kapiert das mal, ihr? deppen

  31. MariaFantasma says:

    Age comes for us all. I hope all of y’all spectating on his looks are taking good care of yourselves. this man is an? inspiration….

  32. v8americanpower1 says:

    don’t do drugs. they’ll leave you? fat and bald

  33. john burns says:

    4 me this song is about freedoms we have lost! Weed is? natural… grows on it’s own. makin shine is an art our forefathers did! soooooooooooooo! we as a country have been supressed to the extent what was ok is now not ok. as long as the fed gets money from the people, I guess we just have to put up with it. CRAP OLA COLA! Love the land.. Hate the feds!