Mysterious Rumblings Bring Down a Barn in Vancouver Island, BC, Canada – March 15, 2012 “SOOKE — People in Sooke are talking after another round of mysterious rumblings. In January ( people reported feeling serious vibrations from Sooke to Victoria, some worried it was an earthquake. That thought crossed Sharon Hanslip’s mind as well when she felt three blasts yesterday morning. The last one so severe it brought a barn on her property crashing to the ground. Seismologists say it wasn’t an earthquake and Sooke’s mayor, Wendal Milne said he doubts it can be attributed to the company responsible for January’s blasting as it didn’t feel the same… There is construction nearby at a new business park with heavy equipment and trucks on site. Milne says builders aren’t required to report to the municipality when and if they need to blast so he can’t say what it may have been. A Sooke mystery, he says.”

16 Responses to “Mysterious Rumblings Bring Down a Barn in Vancouver Island, BC, Canada – March 15, 2012”

  1. 777SEER says:

    This is going on everywhere?

  2. BetterThanTheNews says:

    0:25 Tina? get your ham!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. ts109 says:

    subterranean excavations?

  4. ts109 says:

    subterranean excavations ?

  5. ts109 says:

    subterranean? excavations

  6. iwantinyoursocks says:

    vancouver buoys were going a lot.. interesting story to seee.? future EQ?

  7. Kasayk310 says:

    well I live in Coquitlam, guess I’m going to? the island very soon.

  8. IronicalSmirk says:

    States have been handing out gas/ frakking permits like? candy, ie., thousand + per YEAR per state since 2010.
    These “mysterious” sounds are becoming rather routine in any state that has an interest in keeping the public “mystified” by also adding fake sounds around the world easily done with an electric base guitar & speakers.

    NOT: Sounds of the Earth Crying Out, Aliens, Bellows from Hell etc., etc., etc..

  9. PC160 says:

    OK, here’s my 2 cent theory….a combination of the results of oil and gas pumping, frakking, and most importantly, the increased weight of moving water as icecaps melt and more water accumulates in the oceans of the world. These events are happening globally, and right now the seasons are changing (record high temperatures all across U.S.). I think the earth’s crust is moving as theses forces act on the? planet.

  10. sticit2mn says:

    Denial about what? terrorists? lmao. ok. You mean the NSA, CIA, Darpa,? homeland security, blackwater, U.s> army and Marines? Maybe we do have terrorist cells everywhere!

  11. GodHasNOMother says:

    Only if we can also? say DENIAL…. 🙂

  12. ChrisP1341 says:

    “I bet I could? throw this football over that mountain.”

  13. Newcre8un says:

    Its the “walkers” in the barn I? tell you!

  14. pedrolevy3 says:

    The Lord does? NOT change! He still sends prophets!
    The? Lord?????? is?? speaking today!??? Hear the word of The Lord???? spoken to this final generation!
    Most?? important??? website??? on??? the?????? internet!??? 1,018,979?? views????? already!
    “ADONAI,?? God,???? does???????? nothing?? without? revealing?? his???? plan?? to?????? his??? servants???? the??? prophets.”???? ~? Amos???? 3:7
    Give it?? a try, you? will? not? be disappointed.

  15. kanalasz22 says:

    that man in? 0:17 to behave kind of know ”something”

  16. Icureditwithmybrain says:

    The real question is: whats a kill-o-meter??