My Whole Trip to Canada – Vancouver, BC

My first video about Canada (made very fast because of the time). January 2012.

3 Responses to “My Whole Trip to Canada – Vancouver, BC”

  1. MyWholeTrip says:

    You must choose Canada because here there’s the best english to speak and listening. Toronto? is bigger than Vancouver. There are lot of buildings and it’s a cold big city. In Vancouver you can enjoy natural landscapes with a medium city that has a weather not so cold like Toronto, although the snow in the winter. Anyway, come to Canada! 😀

  2. danipenanavarro says:

    I want to go to Canada this year (on september) but I don’t know if to choose Vancouver or Toronto =/ (I want to do an english course? and work part time :B)… Anyway, great video and I love the song!!! Regards from Chile! 🙂

  3. alobaker says:

    Vancouver is? the sickest City EVER!!!!