My Special Weather Statement for Portland Oregon

It is going to be Real Hot and Humid for Portland Oregon, Seattle Washington, Vancouver British Columbia and Kamloops British Columbia this weekend and the Temperatures will be Really High and Hot for Northwestern United States and Southwestern Canada and Portland Oregon is getting a Major Heat Wave late this week my advice is Drink Lots of Water with lots of ice cubes in it and stay cool and go to the beach and stay in the water because it is too hot and if you don’t have the air conditioner inside the house will be very hot and humid it will affect Oregon, Washington, British Columbia too have your Air Conditioner up to full Blast since the High Pressure System is Sending all the hot weather up to Oregon all the way up to British Columbia. Take Caution don’t drink the pop and juice drink lots of water with ice cubes in it for Friday August 17 and Saturday August 18 2012.
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15 Responses to “My Special Weather Statement for Portland Oregon”

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  5. William Walsh says:

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  6. RedDragon0719 says:

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  7. MrBadassandy says:

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