My Grandma sells WEED!

My Grandma sells WEED!

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17 Responses to “My Grandma sells WEED!”

  1. Der Doktor says:

    So that’s? what happened….

  2. kellyn schiwal says:

    well nice to know every pot head smokes on your birthday!! ;)?

  3. MrSuperturk10 says:

    April the? 20th is my birth day

  4. dazzar69 says:

    smoke weed ‘err? day ?

  5. superjellybean6969 says:

    thats movie sounds like the? shit

  6. 321pwner says:


  7. Audrianna Wylie says:

    this is on my? birthday ……..

  8. Fuz420okla2 says:

    I live in oklahoma and weed is expensive and elusive unless you go to the hood. My birthday which is 420 was spent trying to persuade people on facebook to support medical marijuana. But oklahoma is strict and full? of dumbasses.

  9. russellt33 says:

    my uncle had pot plants in the windows of his room and my grandma, his mother, would water them because she? thought they were flowers.

  10. chandlererwin252 says:


  11. BobbiGarcia says:

    smoking? weed(:

  12. HMSTroll says:

    Man? I wish I could find weed. I’m a non smoker but I wanna start, can’t even find a dealer. Anyone knows anyone in North East England PM me please…

  13. blueeyes14215 says:

    honestly this is what i did. i was working on that day before i realized what day it was. then the press slammed on my finger and got to go home. only have being in the hospital and being doped up on pain killers i remembered what day it was. so i left the hospital and got home at exactly 415 pm and? im lke “5 mins to pack one and get going” so yea…good timing on that anyways

  14. MrINVADER727 says:

    colorado. best pot in the world?

  15. Audrianna Wylie says:


  16. Audrianna Wylie says:

    4 wo is my? birthday :/

  17. dandroid98 says:

    she’s? an OG