My Disney Cruise – ICE CREAM BREAK!

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Video Rating: 5 / 5

25 Responses to “My Disney Cruise – ICE CREAM BREAK!”

  1. iwuzbuildabears29730 says:

    Um….? -_-

  2. benjaminrushmassey says:


  3. Randall Reyes says:

    This is why aliens won’t talk to us.?

  4. lucs10000000000 says:

    Disney is amazing, from the parks? to the cruises, but I was VERY disappointed with this video.

  5. Stacy Jenkier says:

    Totally stole? that..

  6. Stacy Jenkier says:


  7. theagfun says:

    i read all the comments and it was only 1:00? into the vidio

  8. celticplayer2012 says:

    Why did Disney put this up?

  9. TheValiantZero says:

    I? think I might be one of the few people who actually get this.

  10. lizgillies01 says:

    it? sounds like he’s saying i scream break

  11. lizgillies01 says:

    its? annoying

  12. ireyssadisneylover says:

    I don’t mean to insult? Disney cause I love them but this is annoying

  13. Franky Bernal says:

    look at the red lightsaber below the video? 🙂

  14. politepickle says:

    wait what? did he say again?

  15. xYelmo says:


  16. fifthrider says:

    I kept waiting for the interesting moment in this video where the face of Ragen from The Exorcist would appear and you’d hear? a loud scream, but I wasn’t that lucky.

  17. aSpoonfulofChic says:

    omg this is? too good. not mad

  18. Superstar33000 says:

    Why the heck is this? 10 minutes long?

  19. weepwomp010 says:

    DCL? best cruise line evar!!!!!!

  20. MrMovieMaker91 says:

    I agree that Lilo &? Stitch should be permanent additions to Mickey and the gang. I don’t understand why they’re not.

  21. Abby Hedrick says:

    I CAN’T WAIT FOR DECEMBER 22 ON THE FANTASY! I’m so? addicted to DCL videos 🙂

  22. Hambrgr says:

    It’s played on the bus? to Cape Canaveral before boarding the cruise line.

  23. 456americangirldoll says:

    Mickey: Hey? Goofy, were are your bags?
    Goofy: My bags? My Bags!
    LOL Classic Goofy!

  24. JackoB716 says:

    Totally awesome! I love? it!

    And it’s undeniable proof that Lilo & Stitch should be permanent additions to Mickey and the gang!

  25. 1mebeawesome says:

    you are soooo awesome where did you? get this