Musical Promo #3 – GBLIVE in Vancouver and Seattle!

Musical Promo #3 - GBLIVE in Vancouver and Seattle!

Just a little re-imagination of my original “Treat You Good”. Hoping you enjoy! Peace, love and lol. ———- GABE BONDOC LIVE! AN ACOUSTIC EXPERIENCE VANCOUVER, BC – 12/26/11 The Stanley Industrial Alliance Stage SEATTLE, WA – 12 The Benaroya Hall Bring a friend, bring a friend! (There will absolutely be a “meet and greet”, I’m not leaving without meeting you awesome people. Let’s take a picture, yea?) ———- “The Loar” Archtop Guitars… such an incredible look and sound. Please take a moment to check them out. I’m sure you’ll love ’em! – http ———- KoAloha Ukulele… beautiful, hand-made instruments! – ———- Need recording gear? Apogee Digital. Frankly, they’re the best. (Try the Duet, ONE and GiO!) Check them out! Click, click, click! – ———- Twitter! http Facebook! Tumblr! BigCartel! ———-
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22 Responses to “Musical Promo #3 – GBLIVE in Vancouver and Seattle!”

  1. calebrelly says:

    i? can hear this everynight 🙂

  2. Warehz says:

    Its? like sex omq

  3. imtpaineunome says:

    Will you or someone else PLEASE make a tutorial on that solo you just played?!? PLEASE!!

  4. LexyRule says:

    Your guitar playing gives me butterflies.
    You got that john mayer swag? going, but with a lot of yourself still kept in there.
    Gah. Big fan.

  5. Wowcheesisnasty243 says:

    @neettim Yeahhh , so? true

  6. jakeelasin says:

    Ive always wanted to? buy a martin cuz I love mayer, but this just confirmed it for me, its in my lap now and she’s called lucinda

  7. ninjaeyeskill says:

    1:42 —> those? multiple face expressions!!! ^^ !! <3?

  8. zhoehy says:

    I think I just feel in love with your voice,? iloveyou Gabe. <3

  9. cliodna18 says:

    god. You’re still dreamy.?

  10. beardlessjoebae says:

    you should do a video of guitar styles/chords that you use, i’m really trying to improve on my? stuff and you kill it everytime, it’d be very appreciated!

  11. BeyondRandomTV says:

    Most under rated musician!!!?

  12. Kiwikoool says:

    Nice? comment copy.

  13. ZomgKevinderp says:

    tabs! tabs! tabs!? tabs! <3

  14. thedreaa says:

    -3 I can’t get over how? beautiful your voice is.

  15. sweethawjango says:

    i think i? just fell in love with you… lol. wonderful song!

  16. steviemaile says:

    WTH!!!! If we would of known? you were over the bridge we would have came..grrrrr!!!

  17. thedreaa says:

    No one* see I can’t even? spell right lol

  18. thedreaa says:

    My goodness know one knows how good this makes my heart feel!!?

  19. chaosandice says:

    He’s most likely using the Apogee GiO as his loop station,? if not the RC20XL loop station from years ago

  20. FiestaWithAD says:

    John Mayer-ish type of jamming? 🙂 AMAZING :DDD

  21. MatthewHowardWight says:


    Cool stuff. Peace


  22. lolallalolallly says:

    i just left this world for? 3min and 28sec !!
    come to Costa Rica!! please?!