Helicopter report, An extensive mudslide has Highway 1 closed in both directions at Popkum Road in the Hope area for an indefinite period of time. The slide happened approximately 100 meters from the Herring Island exit this morning. It measures 25 feet deep and 200 feet long. Police say one car can been seen caught up in the slide, but all occupants are safe and accounted for. After a preliminary ground search, crews did not locate any additional cars under the slide, but police say the depth of the mud and debris make it difficult to complete the search. It appears a CN train was struck by debris, but wasn’t derailed or significantly damaged. No one on board appears to have been injured. RCMP have confirmed that no homes were caught in the slide as previously reported. Heavy equipment will be moving in next to clear the debris. Meanwhile, traffic is being diverted to Highway 7 via Highway 9 through Agassiz. The Ministry of Transportation says the highway is expected to be re-opened by midnight on Thursday. Search and rescue crews had little to show after a ground search of a 60-metre wide mudslide on the Trans-Canada Highway between Chilliwack and Hope Wednesday afternoon. RCMP spokesman Sgt. Peter Thiessen said police, fire and search and rescue teams scoured the area, battling the deluge of mud and debris — said to be eight metres deep — that tore through the stretch of highway near Popkum Road shortly after 10 am Crews found one vehicle stuck in the mud and retrieved
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  1. moonspeech82 says:

    Lady walked away the car 50year from? Hope BC . Nice

  2. SunKissedSeducer17 says:

    lets not be assholes think about the people that are trapped or died in that and the fact that it can take months to? clean it up

  3. Mattthewinner says:

    If you drive a Hummer,? that is just a small speed-bump.

  4. davidWgruUP909 says:

    this? is the result of Kim K. and some burritos.

  5. seapeddler says:

    As a result of the traffic disruption, motels saw extra service and many local gals were knocked-up by truckers, etc. The population of Hope? now rests at a stable 4 000 000.

  6. Those2Weirdoz says:

    thats not? good

  7. Daftpunk369 says:

    u can take hwy. 7 as an? alternate route

  8. Accountgamer says:

    Crazy guess I’ll be spending couple more nights? in vancouver..