Mudflats Vancouver

Some cool Vancouver Canada images:

Mudflats Vancouver
Vancouver Canada
Image by ahisgett
Taken from a Seaplane while flying from Vancouver to Victoria August 2006. See another example of these strange mudflats…

BN units in Vancouver
Vancouver Canada
Image by Tinker Sailor Soldier Spy
Two BNSF locomotives (still in its old Burlington Northern colours) by Ballantyne Pier in Vancouver with a load of flatcars that just came off a rail ferry.

4 Responses to “Mudflats Vancouver”

  1. BCOL CCCP says:

    sry is to take this over

  2. Tinker Sailor Soldier Spy says:

    SRY and the Washington Marine (Seaspan) group seems to be taking over the rail barge operations around Vancouver. Tilbury is their’s too, isn’t it?

  3. BCOL CCCP says:

    there is limited traffic – tilbury is run by SRY i believe…

    the downtown CN yard will be SRY too..

  4. BCR4619 says:

    Tilbury is CPR for now….