Mother Mother performs ‘Born In a Flash’ on QTV Quadra Island born indie rock heroes, Mother Mother, perform ‘Born In a Flash’ for a QTV exclusive.

Young Simba is on stage longer than anyone else in the production. Hear what it’s like to be a young performer in this important role in the production. Connect with us on Facebook at

35 Responses to “Mother Mother performs ‘Born In a Flash’ on QTV”

  1. SkiingPwnsYou says:

    I’ve seen these guys live twice, and it got better the? second time. Seriously, I have a deep irrevocable love for them. Absolutely incredible!

  2. manfromregina says:

    Coeur de Pirate!! I know,she can? melt the snow.

  3. Buhrna says:

    Aaaaaand Coeur de Pirate !! Who does have a? stellar song on this channel.. Morale of the story is Regina alongside this channel both Rock socks!
    Cheers :p

  4. manfromregina says:

    Hi ? Hawksley, KD, and..Taj Mahal

    see ya in August.

  5. Buhrna says:

    We doooo get H-Workman,? and Mr. Dan Mangan this year!! Gonna be G-g-g-g-g-greeeat ;-]

  6. Irawdom says:

    Mother Mother is the most? underappreciated band ever.

  7. sempleking says:

    the drummer drums really funny lol ? great song though

  8. Kevywevy101 says:

    The one person? that dislikes this video has two fathers.

  9. curazy11 says:

    Unreal performance, song and? band!

  10. ekzoekzo says:

    that was cool?

  11. artbasss says:


  12. manfromregina says:

    Great song,. I love how tight? your band is ,especially at that tempo.
    Please please MOMO, come back to the Regina Folk Fest !!
    1nce is never enough.

  13. dboyd1089 says:

    May 5th, 2011 Vancouver, BC, Commodore Ballroom: Mother? Mother. I’ll be there! 🙂

  14. AmirsDilema says:

    Luv this?

  15. no12identify says:

    refreshing to see artist playing music really well and singing really well at the same time. comparing to the over rated and untalented superstars who cant play music let alone sing live. Power to you Mother? Mother.

  16. NoDeity says:

    Beautiful. I’ve never heard of this band before and I’m usually into harder stuff? but I’ve got to look for Mother Mother now.

  17. DrippingwithIrony says:


  18. naseoj says:

    flawless performance. this is one of my least favourite songs on the album but? damn they did good.

  19. Fretrifters says:

    Effing amazing! love the range? of music and vocals these guys have! blown away all the time

  20. bespeco1 says:

    Excellent song, solid performance.?

  21. meangirl714 says:

    im trying to use the site but its not working?

  22. BellaEdwardJacob1000 says:

    I don’t think? its him because his name is clifford dickson

  23. Heavenlyhounds96 says:

    Check it. 1:00, “Endless Night” is? playing.

  24. Heavenlyhounds96 says:

    I know I sent this “?” already, but just so others know, how old must one be to at least? fit the role of understudy for Scar, Mufasa, Zazu, or older Simba?

  25. Heavenlyhounds96 says:

    I think they should do either Lion King 2 or Hunchback of Notre Dame on Broadway.? It could be possible. Thumbs ^ if you agree.

  26. VanitasxAura says:

    I remember hearing that on? the news and feeling sad. She had such talent and was taken too soon. At least she’s singing in Heaven.

  27. CliffordLeeMusic says:

    Thank u for all of the amazing comments i had an amazing experience in the lion? king

  28. awesomegirlO says:

    @FullyBroadway Good luck!? 😀

  29. evilgalorereturns says:

    I understand how hard it can get. I? am doing Young Simba at school

  30. sarge22able says:

    dont u know tht tht little kid is Leon Thomas aka:Andre Harris off of? victorious 😀

  31. ltmksm says:

    he’s sooo mature…?

  32. bibipbi says:

    sometimes i think about the? meaning of the word pie

  33. Amber Wilkinson says:

    @FullyBroadway did you get? it?!?!

  34. KingdomHeartsFan3211 says:

    Hello DisneyOnBroadway. I have something to ask you: Can I audition for the touring production of THE LION KING? First of all, I’d would love to see different sights all across United States. Second of all, I’d love to be in this fantastic show. Third, it is my DREAM of winning a Tony Award. Fourth, I would love to make new friends with people in the cast. Finally,? I’d like to understudy Mufasa, Scar, and Zazu or be an ensemble dancer. Thanks a buch. And tell Julie Taymor Josh LOVED TLK! :):):)!

  35. Fallenmoonchild says:

    Very wise kid. We performed Lion King (The songs) for our choir performance one year then got to see the musical. I was so amazed and happy to know I was? able to see it.