Mother Mother – Hayloft – Luxury Wafers Sessions

Poprocks for your soul through your ears and eyes, Mother Mother from Vancouver, BC performs Hayloft Live@Chessvolt Studios in Los Angeles for Luxury Wafers. Edited by Greg Myracle
Video Rating: 4 / 5

21 Responses to “Mother Mother – Hayloft – Luxury Wafers Sessions”

  1. birchskins says:

    Why does this look so god damn? fun

  2. KrackerJacker says:

    It’s because they’re Canadian.? m/,

  3. Thomas Sch. says:

    i not? ask

  4. OisinDeBrun says:

    I haven’t actually! I should give it a go some time, sounds tricky enough hah! why’d you ask???

  5. captstupendus says:

    Have? you tried playing this?

  6. Thomas Sch. says:

    what you will komentary you? viedeos

  7. Thomas Sch. says:

    ich finde? das video immer aufs neue einfach nur göttlich

  8. Thomas Sch. says:

    This? is the best best vidio what i saw in my live
    like :D:D:D

  9. OisinDeBrun says:

    guitarist mistake at? 1:50 if im not mistaken 😛

  10. Thomas Sch. says:

    Best of ever i love it

  11. coonscrib says:

    The drummer’s snare sounds awesome?

  12. speedyretreat says:

    Yeah, thats old school. Nowadays? we just plug in the bass guitar… you know, rectal trauma and all that.

  13. rhodium1233 says:

    I’ll second this, I’ll third fourth and fifth this two if I have to. When music? all starts to sound the same, then Mother Mother came

  14. zkyl4b says:

    CSS çal???yordum kendimi? burada buldum 😀

  15. DodgerInPA says:

    Just heard this song the other day and on all places – Outlaw Country. Shooter Jennings said he liked turning people on to the tune. I also think this tune? is tight, love it.

  16. destructicon500 says:

    This is so goddamn tight…? shit.

  17. Linda Griffith says:

    that? blonde guy is adorable

  18. sean newman says:

    Still waiting eh? haha?

  19. mayonaiseizationable says:

    and by thise I? mean this

  20. mayonaiseizationable says:

    I’d fap to? myself if I wrote thise

  21. MrIbanos says:

    They never? did.