Moka Only – Rock On

Rock On by Moka Only from Airport 5 on Wandring Worx Entertainment Rap and Skate with your boy Moka! Shot on a half-sunny day in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Airport 5 is out now! itunes: bandcamp: Wandering Worx: Live Vision: Written and Produced by Moka Only Video Directed and Shot by mcenroe aka Rod Bailey Assisted by Ian Beer, thanks Ian! your name here

13 Responses to “Moka Only – Rock On”

  1. fakePR3DATOR says:

    Moka Only is the best rapper i know. he got the voice, the beats and the talent to? keep amazing it is left to b recognized in the hall o fam, but i say he is btter lik that

  2. Claytron830000000000 says:

    nah he he has been around for a long tie and is prolific… i have like? 40 albums by him, he is smooth and talented… he has not sold out or is a hipster… you got this wrong mane..

  3. MrGeorgenesis says:

    Moke looks like an old? crackhead now. Damn. What is he, like 40 now?

  4. basicallywigguz says:

    another? clown ass track from a clown ass

  5. Kai6820 says:

    mac miller’s worst mixtape the high life which? is awful is better then this guy

  6. forward300 says:

    lol hipster rap?

  7. jjkushable says:

    anybody notice? the pot dispensary he’s chiling at

  8. coasttrap says:

    ill? track

  9. larryknwles says:

    I look up to this guy so much! We have two things in common skateboarding & soul music.?

  10. zachyneem says:

    if anyone deserves to finally? be getting recognition for his shit, its moke.

  11. GodCipherDevineTV7 says:

    Homeboys? flow and voice sound like common But the word play is very original
    #New music hunt is ova

  12. MrFuzzySlippas says:

    this is no dis or comparison, but he looks like him and? Kurious could be twins

  13. PaulinoAuyon says:

    I swear this guy’s voice/accent sounds sorta like Common haha.
    Nonetheless, this guy is ill as? hell.