Miss Universe Pageant Now Allows Transgender Contestants

A rule change that would allow transgender women to participate in the Miss Universe beauty pageant next year is a step forward for equality, advocates said today after pageant officials announced the policy shift. Pageant officials said they are working on the language of the official rule policy change but expected final word to come soon. The rules will have to be approved by Donald Trump, who runs the Miss Universe Organization, and NBC. Trump and NBC co-own the contest. The announcement of the policy change comes a week after the organization decided to allow Jenna Talackova to compete for Canada’s spot in the Miss Universe pageant this year. Talackova, a Vancouver resident, underwent a sex change four years ago after being born a male.

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29 Responses to “Miss Universe Pageant Now Allows Transgender Contestants”

  1. TheKoodude7 says:

    make a? gay and transgender pageant then.

  2. actuasco says:

    I’ve seen other transgendered people and they still look like dudes but this one looks like a woman. If I came across her before heaing? this story, I would have gone balls deep. I swear she looks like a girl that I went to school with.

  3. luvbig41 says:

    Times are changing. If? we allow deviants, that being gays, get their way then we open the flood gates for the other miscreants of society.

  4. xooGFXoox says:

    Would you go balls deep with a? transgendered?

  5. Deony73 says:

    Who else is addicted to the first thirty seconds of every video where they pose…i? memorized it… :O

  6. ashrole says:

    woman trapped in? man’s body? no they’re disgusting

  7. BlueBalloon97 says:

    fapped so hard to that bitch.. OH? OH i mean transgender

  8. rnesbit2 says:

    The laws of nature is not my idea nor is it my assumption.There is no way that a man who has turned into a woman can stand? next to any woman who has a period once a month and try to compete as a woman is in their right frame of mind.

  9. Naturalhit says:

    Transgender…? let them form there own beauty pageant and leave this Miss Univ. to real ladies.

  10. 4l3xc0n7 says:

    there’s all kiiiiinds of unsupported assumptions in your ideas. if there is a supreme being that creates and gives meaning and reason to the universe, why would it allow for human beings to against its laws? Also, what is the reason for having these laws? Also, if altering one’s gender if one strongly feels like? it is harmful how come it doesn’t show up in the psychological tests? shouldn’t the negative effects of going against the supreme beings’ laws show up on the psychological tests?

  11. rnesbit2 says:

    No matter how TRANSGENDER transforms society to accept this wickedness, Biologically their born as men that artificially change their hormones and with surgery, they change their biological sexual organs to put on make up and force the world to? accept them as a female. This TRANSformation to become TRANSGENDER goes against GOD and every universal law of nature of every living being that respects human life as it is. Yet, perversion rules…. For now….

  12. Dominic Ringo says:

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  13. 4l3xc0n7 says:

    wait so you’re saying that there’s a creator and that this creator passed an executive mandate that said that human beings cannot change their bodies in any way to try to go from one gender to the other?? where did you get all of this information?

  14. js384575 says:

    to the… to the..
    to the connntest.
    to the? connnntest man

  15. logman2012 says:

    Shave a monkey, operate on its arms and legs so it can? stand up straight, fix it vocal cord to speak and call it a human and a man…same thing

  16. kundrzyk says:

    heard it? from 4:49

  17. kundrzyk says:

    Please Give? the title song that you hear at the end of the film

  18. SugarAppleStudios says:

    What shirt is? Tessa wearing?

  19. EcHoBaY2 says:

    absolutely. <3?

  20. MrRackshaw says:

    “my coon hat,wheres my coon hat? “best part? <3

  21. o0RLD0o says:

    is that an amazing phil shirt? XD?

  22. Xablador says:

    Dear lord,? Shawna is gorgeous.

  23. Hannahphernalia says:


  24. enrichz0 says:

    ahah you talk? funny 😀 brilliant. it’s chill!

  25. timdeedee says:

    Chill? Coonhat 😀

  26. skittlesdragon0929 says:

    Shawna is too :3?

  27. lucy brown says:

    hey it’s a amazingphil? tshirt

  28. Ringgloten says:

    Whistler!!!!!!!? xD

  29. MewTasticallyAmazing says:

    Hey, hey, lookatdis..lookatdis
    I don’t wanna…
    Hey, lookatdis