Miss Emily Brown – The Diary Of Amy Briggs

From Vimeo because she deserves to be heard and YouTube provides a larger audience. Note that the video fie had to be transcoded with some quality loss to get it here. You can find the original at www.vimeo.com ============== A Story Told Well Presents: Miss Emily Brown with “The Diary Of Amy Briggs” In September 2009, we spent a day with Miss Emily Brown in Vancouver, BC as she cooled her heels between tours and recorded material for her upcoming release “In Technicolour”. A freshly-landed Hannah Epperson backs her up on violin, having just returned from a half year overseas in Berlin, Germany. This song was recorded in a pathway near Main and 25th with the sun hanging low in the west. Special thanks again to the lovely Ms. Erin Loechner of Design For Mankind (www.designformankind.com) for hand crafting the flowing script that makes up the titling for the piece. Emily’s music can be purchased through these services: itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewAlbum?id=287220317&s=143455 payplay.fm/missemilybrown cdbaby.com/cd/missemilybrown More information about her music can be found at: emilybrownmusic.com Produced by: astorytoldwell.com ============== For you video geeks, this was shot with a Canon EOS 5D-MkII DSLR. Very nice work by ASTW.

Follow me on Facebook: www.facebook.com :: Cradle Of Filth live drumcam :: Dusk And Her Embrace (live 2009) 02/02/2009 Vancouver, BC @ Commodore Ballroom My favourite drummers: Mike Portnoy, Gene Hoglan, Mikkey Dee, Neil Peart, Simon Phillips… …more videos and info about me – on my website: www.marthusmusic.com — www.facebook.com/marthus.official
Video Rating: 4 / 5

31 Responses to “Miss Emily Brown – The Diary Of Amy Briggs”

  1. Anastasia Pheakos says:

    this is still one of my fav? songs. god i love miss emily brown

  2. ImageByDevon says:


  3. LoveThisMusicNow says:

    if either of the girls in this video read this : please add me to twitter @lovemusicnow Id like to? blog about you! youre amazing!

  4. nobodyspecial771 says:

    really great!!? 🙂

  5. Beckjann84 says:


  6. joe3710 says:

    This is very? good

  7. icancookk says:


  8. vikingvic says:

    in awe…? nice one from Nor-way…

  9. modeldaughters says:

    man oh man i? love this video…!

  10. FrenchIslandHarbour says:

    frig’en amazing!?

  11. PurpleGlobe says:

    she’s a mega? hotty too

  12. NeverMadeMuchSense says:

    this is amazing…

  13. terrateB says:

    just seen her yesterday. stunning. cant wait to? see her again, even if i need 2 travel to canada

  14. JudashX Ixkariote says:

    Probably (if not) the best Cradle Of Filth? drummer.

  15. iDrum2Cum says:

    this is marthus playing this song, not nick. so to be fair let him play his? style in it because he is their drummer right now and he needs to show HIS playing to his audience to show his skills and playing technique, not every other drummers… If he played exactly like them, then how would he get his own fans to like him for his drumming?

  16. crazydoc0k says:

    born inside a bass drum :D?

  17. 5634412687563615 says:

    Nice lights ;))?

  18. LiquidXiron says:

    This guy earned his money only with? this song. Awesome fill, it could take me a hundred years practicing.

  19. xIcarus227 says:

    if it’s the same fill for you that means you’ve never laid a hand on a drum kit.
    actually it means that you’re blind, deaf, retarded or drunk, or any other combination of? those. sorry to say.

  20. adarkenedsky says:

    drumming style?? this dude plays the same fill in every song…awesome ?

  21. adarkenedsky says:

    he should go play in? linkin park with all those headphones

  22. xIcarus227 says:

    he didn’t ‘butcher’ this song, he simply suited it for his? own style. jesus. and those ‘unnecessary’ accents happen to represent marthus’ drumming style.

  23. neocore6669 says:

    If this is what you call “butchering” a song then I want your mom? to butcher my dick.

  24. archange156 says:

    They’re catering? to a certain audience.

  25. kamilburton says:

    Víš co by m? zajímalo…jak bys zahrál? Queen of winter throned…Ty dv? pasáže s p?erušovanýma dvojkopákama…:-))

  26. adarkenedsky says:

    decent drummer, i feel it is important for a drummer to be courteous to the previous drummers before them when covering a song by them especially nick barker and not to change it up so much out of respect. i think this drummer butchered a classic song by filling it? in with unnecessary accents. same with her ghost in the fog video.

  27. Sh4gr444th says:

    Awesome? drumming…!

  28. DarknessIncarnate02 says:

    Love that blast beating. This song is very hard..and you nailed it. ?

  29. jabasto says:

    Amazing? man!!!

  30. TheLuckyRetard says:

    Hey Marthus, I was wondering if you? ever listen to a metronome during performances to keep in time. I’ve heard of some famous metal drummers doing it and just wanted to know if you do or not. Stay metal!

  31. Mysticyautja says:

    absolutely phenomenal,? im seriously in awe right now, your fills are so ridiculously tight it’s mindblowing