Misha Collins Fart Story – Vancouver Supernatural Convention 2011 (HD)

Just one of the stories Misha Collins told at the Vancouver Convention in 2011. It is quite entertaining. Although I did miss the beginning… He’s pretty much on the plane & has absolutely terrible gas. Also, the camera moves around a lot cause I didn’t want to get it taken away or anything. This is also most definitely a true story. 😛

17 Responses to “Misha Collins Fart Story – Vancouver Supernatural Convention 2011 (HD)”

  1. BrokenSilence137 says:

    Misha, you no longer have any right to complain? about Jared’s farts. His farts have never knocked a man unconscious (as far as we know).

  2. eirilover17 says:

    I love this man lmao?

  3. MishaMinionArmy says:

    Only? Misha..only Misha

  4. RetardedxSkittles says:


  5. JayJay1593571 says:

    o i cant? wait to meet him !!!!

  6. DestielandMpreg says:

    really that bad? Gees ever heard the expression: i wouldnt kick him out of the bed for farting! lol i would kick him out of the house if it smelt that bad! i think he tweeted this when he got off! poor guy i would be so embarased i dont use the bathroom on flights thank god! i dont care how bad it smells i still love? him.

  7. OokamiChi19 says:

    Rofl just freaking? rofl

  8. x3NeverToLate3x says:

    It’s a Sony DSC-HX1. 20x Optical Zoom.?

  9. MrSmartypants says:

    Incorrect. You have an? AWESOME camera! What kind is it?

  10. ShannaSays says:

    Is it weird that I’m 16 and I absolutely adore this man??

  11. Evereigh says:

    Misha I cried I laughed? so hard! I love you!!

  12. Megalyn4 says:

    I love this man, when his laughing!!!?

  13. truffles174 says:

    He? seems soo adorable on supernatural but off hes just sooo cute his smile brings a smile to my face I want one of him XD

  14. TotalAlias says:

    Apparently, Jared is not the lethal one. I feel so terrible? for Jensen.

  15. Matella15 says:

    Just try and? watch this without laughing, I swear it’s impossible.

  16. annabelSPNlover says:

    Are you? sure the guy didn’t faint because he was sitting behind MISHA FREAKIN COLLINS?!?!?!?!?

    And is Jensen the only CLEAN one amongst Misha and Jared? Seriously, GROSS guys….. XDXDXD

  17. Mandii SC says:

    Is it weird that people were cheering after hearing his story of farting and making someone faint twice? LOL