Mini-Documentary on Fazioli Pianos

Pianists interviewed: Tien Hsieh, Angela Hewitt, Tim Zhang, and Duo Duetta: Dorothy & Janice. Interviews also with Paolo Fazioli, Alan Merriam, and Manuel Bernaschek Visit us at Showcase Pianos in Vancouver, Canada 1224 West Broadway t: 604.437.5161
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Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir 2010 Vancouver Olympics Exhibition (Ice Dance Champion) Music:Everybody Dance Now
Video Rating: 4 / 5

32 Responses to “Mini-Documentary on Fazioli Pianos”

  1. zXJakieMabeeXz says:

    My school just got the F308 last week… playing it is like having to trying out for the Olympics (even being? a pianist like me) its hard to be aloud to play one note -_-

  2. theonset72 says:

    makes? no sense whatsoever.

  3. lumo3c273 says:

    Beethoven, Sonata Pathetique? second movement

  4. adamallorca says:

    What is? the piece az 7:06 ?

  5. OneGreatPiano says:

    Who you make the piano for is also a huge question that affects the way the piano is built. Pianos are built for the shareholders, if you think about it. Bosendorfer is owned by Yamaha since it’s bankruptcy in 2007, and since 2009 the biggest chunk of Steinway’s shares are owned by Samick, the Korean piano maker. Mr. Fazioli is the only shareholder of his company – – – don’t you think that affects how the pianos? are made?

  6. OneGreatPiano says:

    Bosendofer made fantastic advancements in the 1800’s, and Steinway did in the? 1900’s – – – but they haven’t changed much since those times. It’s true – Steinway is responsible for the piano the way we know it today. But Fazioli answers the question: “With all we know about wood today, how much further could we push the piano?”. By the way, where do you live? Even if you never plan to buy a piano, I would be delighted to show you the amazing differences in those three brands.

  7. OneGreatPiano says:

    Sorry, I deleted one of your comments by accident – I hit the wrong button.? In it you mentioned your feeling that the workmanship on Bosendorfer and Steinway is better than it is on Fazioli – which is laughable. I have been selling new Bosendorfers, new Steinways, and new Faziolis for their respective dealers for well over a decade, even visiting their factories, and I can also confirm wholeheartedly that there is no doubt: no one puts more care into the production of each piano than Fazioli.

  8. quinn244 says:

    furthermore steinway was the first to come up with the idea of putting the? treble strings over the bass.

  9. OneGreatPiano says:

    Making pianos for 150 years and dominating the concert stage only means that people have been conditioned to believing this is the right sound. When you try something different, it’s like driving someone else’s car: steering is weird,? pedals are wrong. It’s not true though, but it feels like that. The Fazioli has tremendous colour in the sound – – – an elegance that in my opinion can’t be reached by any other brand in the world. You just have to sit at the keys long enough to be able to see it.

  10. OneGreatPiano says:

    ‘Piano Book’ rates the pianos according to the quality of? the materials used, workmanship, as well as touch and tone. If your theory is right, that would mean that a Ford is the world’s best car, and Lamborghini – only around for 30 years – is inferior. The Fazioli is for the true connoisseur. But I suppose it’s pointless to tell someone that a $22 gourmet burger in a fine-dining restaurant is the best burger they’ve ever had when they are completely in love with McDonalds.

  11. quinn244 says:

    well one is entitled to ones own opinion. I’ve played both and can assure you steinway is considerably better than Fazioli. Dont get me wrong Fazioli pianos are very nice but one must take? into consideration that steinway and sons has been making pianos a lot longer than Fazioli. they have 150 + years of making pianos, so I think that has a great impact on the quality of the piano and sound. Over all steinways are a lot richer, fazioli doesn’t have quite the richness behind it.

  12. pearlplayah says:

    A Fazioli is my DREAM piano.?

  13. Reneee2011 says:


  14. cuallito says:


  15. PianoGodfather says:

    I am a first generation italian and a possibly the biggest fazioli fan who? has not played one…but I will own many one day and I will buy them for churchs everywhere because they are perfect like a ferrari. Paolo Fazioli is my hero. I am also inventor..Please take a look at my video “God’s Great Design”

  16. dennisvp says:

    to be exact that is nocturne opus 9 no.1 from frederic? chopin

  17. Un1234l says:

    Fazioli and Bosendorfer… I wish to be lucky enough to be able to? CONSIDER owning one of these.

  18. OneGreatPiano says:

    try one and you will know!! in my mind there is? no question!!

  19. fairastits says:

    is fazioli better? than bluthner?

  20. TheLocalcat says:

    I’m in? love with the sound.

  21. OneGreatPiano says:

    Faziolis are one of the most? costly pianos in the world to produce because of the quality of the materials and the quality of the workmanship! I encourage you to try one when you get a chance!

  22. bludika says:

    what exactly makes fazilio’s so expensive and prestigious? ?

  23. OneGreatPiano says:

    Well, Bosendorfer as a company is no more since their bankruptcy…. ? Now owned by Yamaha, one of the biggest companies in the world… so, if you say “there is only one company…. Yamaha”, then maybe that is more accurate!! đŸ™‚

  24. pinkdancer225 says:

    That was do good?

  25. Veardaful says:


  26. TileGuyJesse says:

    “..and the stars aligned..?”? Good grief! Just shut up and enjoy the moment lady, Why ruin it with a bunch of rambling.

  27. Karolina Nowak says:

    I love Tessa? and Scott, they;re the best ! <3

  28. blacklaceheart says:


  29. magicalgirl says:

    I wanted White and Davis to take gold in Vancouver, I freely admit it. But after? seeing this program I was absolutely charmed by Virtue and Moir.

  30. JDlamusique says:

    Thanks for uploading this! One of the greatest EX ever!!!! Love? them to bits.

  31. lostinyoureyes1860 says:

    there’re? so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. artielon says:

    Tu-TU Tessa? Dream Girl!