Minecraft: Zelda’s Mod – Ep. 6 – Failure on Cruise Control!

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

17 Responses to “Minecraft: Zelda’s Mod – Ep. 6 – Failure on Cruise Control!”

  1. MMBADBOI says:

    no its a total conversion? of minecraft

  2. Dorbo2 says:

    um….? its adventure craft witch is a mod

  3. blakesnake1 says:

    wut do u use? to record gameplay?

  4. MMBADBOI says:

    its not a? mod

  5. pichu12338 says:

    Awww? no 7th yet

  6. Bkidst3r says:

    I played a bit of ocorina of time? and my brother almost beat it.

  7. MrJulkku123 says:

    how? you install this mod ????

  8. omnomnomrainbow says:

    wut? abaout the remakes

  9. omnomnomrainbow says:

    all the water? temples are assholes mate

  10. code111000 says:

    I hated the water temple in ocerian? and twilight princess.

  11. martin123591 says:

    blocks or storage cubes? lol

  12. enderkiller101 says:

    I’ve played it but never? got pased the scelitons warriors at the first torch

  13. flaminmonkey02 says:

    Ocarina of time? = Epic

  14. awskwang says:

    Omgomgomg lololol werres? ben

  15. Nathan VanNote says:

    I loved the N64 versions of the Zelda games but I pretty much hated most of the others. I did however like LOZ Phantom Hourglass and LOZ Windwalker. But other than that the N64 were the only? LOZ games I loved.

  16. minekiller1232 says:

    try doing the? chest again

  17. ariosto campana says:

    Ant u sir owe me a new push block .sinserly? urs the creater of link adventure. 😀