Minecraft Xbox 360 – Minecraft Xbox 360 : “Awesome World’s” Ep. 1 (Cruise Ship) *Download*

Note:Hey guy’s i know my Mic is pretty bad so I Bought a New Mic on ebay that will be much better and my commentary’s will sound alot better and it will be here on June 16. -READ THIS- I did not make this world. This is just a Minecraft series I’m doing showing some sick awesome world that people made for other to download and try it out. Hey Guy’s It’s SoLifts here and welcome to My first Ep Awesome World’s that i will be making now on my channel and I hope you enjoy them. For this First Ep I found a pretty sick Cruise ship on a Website Called TTG and if you look at it you will notice the creator added alot of detail to make this ship stand out more so guy’s make sure like and comment for Awesome World’s download’s and you subscribe Thanks. Creator of The Cruise Ship – www.youtube.com Note: This ship Is Not 100% Complete Yet But he Released This all credit goes to him. Download – www.mediafire.com ================================================ Channel – www.youtube.com Twitter – www.twitter.com Twitch – www.twitch.tv Yeousch – www.Yeousch.com Yeousch Channel – http Second Channel – www.youtube.com Community Channel – www.youtube.com ================================================

Our Family’s FIRST Disney Cruise.. we loved it so much… we are going again!
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12 Responses to “Minecraft Xbox 360 – Minecraft Xbox 360 : “Awesome World’s” Ep. 1 (Cruise Ship) *Download*”

  1. SuperVizio123 says:

    Hey? Everybody I have a Huge City (Download) for Xbox coming up to my channel Exclusively 😀

  2. TheFallenPancake says:

    Is there? a seed

  3. gainestr says:


  4. SonitrolCP says:

    Not hating, but could? you talk a bit louder?

  5. Steven Campbell says:

    i find? this hard to masturbate to.

  6. theglitchbomber says:

    can? i still send you my world

  7. TrueSaint31 says:

    WATS THE SEED FOR THE F***** World it’s so cool?

  8. byLifts says:

    what you just said didn’t make any since at all? not one person said anything about me moving around to fast in this video but you, so you must just be hating on me

  9. tylerboy1333 says:

    I’m sure it took a lot of time,? but it looks kinda bad… just my opinion on it =/

  10. ChubbaChip98 says:

    Loving the map

  11. 600bellaboo says:

    im 10? what is fun for 10 year olds there?

  12. allkidsmom says:

    600bellaboo – the Alaska cruise was divine! Absolutely beautiful. We just came back 2 weeks ago from a Disney Caribbean cruise – which? as also great.. but there is just something majestic about Alaska! Hope you have a blast!!!!