Minecraft – Let’s Get Creative [Ep. 24] Cruise Ship

Hello everybody! This is Episode 24 of the series Let’s Get Creative! This time we build a cruise ship. It took us about 2 months to finish this build. It is…
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18 Responses to “Minecraft – Let’s Get Creative [Ep. 24] Cruise Ship”

  1. Dani P. says:

    make? a huge chocolate factory

  2. Ethan Claridge says:

    nice? cruiseship

  3. artillero511 says:


  4. Warmed Puma says:

    How did 22 people dislike this??

  5. MincraftinSpace says:

    dude? nice video u gt a new subscriber

  6. Naglis Satinskas says:


  7. Ryan Lounsbury says:

    You are not? better than disney

  8. Said Lamri says:

    Thumbs up if you? like minecraft

  9. Howie Francis says:

    Make an amusement park

  10. Flexo013 says:

    You should check Episode 1 of? Season 2 of Let’s Get Creative.

  11. Hawke Sean says:

    These builds you guys make are incredible. Where can i download these maps i? really want them. too bad my computer broke now i need 2 get a new one. Keep up the good work!

  12. Jackson Betts says:

    please make a? black ops II zombies map

  13. Machaon Shoemaker says:

    WOW thats was? AMAZING good job guys

  14. rarawood says:

    U? Mfing rock

  15. Flexo013 says:

    It’s on Episode 1 of Season 2. Check it out? there.

  16. Anthony Michaels says:

    plz make a city or a gaint? statue

  17. blakes happy happy happy Sheffler says:

    amazing? i like boats

  18. wwwbeebscom says:

    Wow I could never EVER build something? that AWESOME!!!