Michelle Kwan – 2001 Worlds QR – Song of the Black Swan

Michelle Kwan - 2001 Worlds QR - Song of the Black Swan

Michelle Kwan takes the lead in Group A of the Qualifying Round at the 2001 World Figure Skating Championships in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. During the warm-up, the heel of her boot came apart and she was forced to fix it right before she was slated to skate. She ended up skating cleanly, landing 7 triples including a triple-triple combination and eventually won her fourth World title.

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25 Responses to “Michelle Kwan – 2001 Worlds QR – Song of the Black Swan”

  1. troy0515 says:

    Your dad should have? BEGGED your mom a little harder to abort you, such a useless piece of shit

  2. JarenMorris21 says:

    Just? amazing!

  3. allenglandlawns says:

    Too funny…she needed that gold medal…hence her desperate attempt to crash into Torino. No amount of gifted World, National titles or cupcake 6s will ever cover up the fact that she choked away? 2 Olympics…even with the judges BEGGING her to take the gold.

  4. superrJ says:

    Amazing artisty.? Her jumps looks so light and effortless. Just beautiful.

  5. gratefulMKfan says:

    It would be great if someone had HD of this World Championship SOTBS and posted it? here on YouTube. I would be ever so grateful. Thanks much.

  6. juaquino says:

    A plateau it may be, but a very high plateau. After 1999, she won 3 more Worlds Championship, 6? more Nationals titles, and an Olympic Bronze. That a mighty high plateau there. That would be the Mount Kilamanjaro of plateaus.

    Artistically, I think Michelle had taken the most risks between 1999 and 2003 with her musical selections. Some didn’t work out for her like the Miraculous Mandarin but others haven’t been heard from in years. When was the last time an elite skater chose TRV?

  7. dtdurr says:

    In some regards I can agree. ? There was repetition of passes, spins etc. At times I think she was a victim of her own success, in that she did not have to take risks or do drastically different things and yet she still one. Sure she was solid, but if it works why fix it? After 1999, I think she hit a plateau artistically. Although Aranjuez and Tosca were some of my favorites, as well as this performance.

  8. idolfan9495 says:

    I don’t agree with this. What about Sheherazade? The only other program out there that is like Michelle’s Shez is Yu Na’s! Perhaps Tosca and Bolero were somewhat alike (thought not totally), but Aranjuez was very different from anything Michelle had done before. Also, after 2002, she improved her jumps. They were higher and stronger. And her footwork became explosive and passionate in a way? that we haven’t seen from any other female skater.

  9. worldpeaz says:

    I wish they wouldn’t babble so much so we could just enjoy the skating/music ~? like tennis ~ Americans babble, but in Wimbledon they’re polite and quiet. Do we really need to know ALL this? lol .. I sure do miss seeing her ~ she’s my all time favorite.

  10. SageHeart1130 says:

    I can’t wait until I? learn as many 3x jumps as her. Figure skating is harder than it looks. That’s why I love it.

  11. katinkaballerina says:

    yeah someone had told me completely wrong! i’m so happy to hear that she can still compete. i love? michelle!!

  12. snofagun1814 says:

    there’s no age limit, and she’s not even that old pumpkin, she has more talent than any of these new? girls

  13. snofagun1814 says:

    i hope she can come back and win the olympics in a year!!!!!! i miss her! i dont’? even watch skating anymore cuz i doin’t care about any of the newbies i’ve never heard of any of them

  14. brunofttt says:

    It pains me to? watch this, and then compare it to today’s skating. There is no comparison. COME BACK MICHELLE!

  15. Sapphireskater says:

    I so totally agree!!! I love this program?

  16. iheartwebkinz1 says:

    i like scar cuz he was played by patrick page at one point and patrick page plays the green goblin and i? love him in that play 🙂

  17. stadthexeausblumberg says:

    my favourit mask is the? mask of Simba and Scar

  18. jrmon100 says:

    i hate zazu puppet it make him look ugly and? old, he must be elegant and a beautiful bird, and it donot fit the costume… well is just my opinion and i will not even dare to criticize the professionalism of this poppeteers

  19. TheBigRedMario says:

    that zazu puppet is just incredible!!!!?

  20. wupsje1 says:

    i saw it in holland, and i plan on going to london?

  21. 107531kop says:

    I saw it? in three different countries (London, Holland and South-Africa)…

  22. 107531kop says:

    I want Scars? mask, scaring lil’ kids!!!!!!!!

  23. SorceressZila says:

    I can’t help but cringe when the host touches all those beautiful costumes. I’d? be too afraid, given how much work and love is put into them.

  24. meghan0392 says:

    i saw this a few years ago, probably was about 10, and i had an isle seat which was amazing. i will never in my life forget all the giraffes and elephants and other animals walk right by me. if you havent seen the broadway show yet, i highly recommend it.? worth every penny for sure

  25. lolkittehs34 says:

    I saw this on tour several years ago in? Louisville. It was one of the most mind-blowing experiences of my life.