Metro Vancouver

A few nice Vancouver British Columbia images I found:

Metro Vancouver
Vancouver British Columbia
Image by Hyougushi
(2009/02/04 Vancouver, British Columbia, CANADA)

The Pier @ Cates Park, Deep Cove – British Columbia
Vancouver British Columbia
Image by Kris Krug

5 Responses to “Metro Vancouver”

  1. Vida Morkunas (seawallrunner) says:

    beautiful !!!

  2. the tomahawk kid says:

    damn fine!…great shot…

  3. phoneyman says:

    The composition is great, but to be honest I find the little bit of railing in focus to be a distraction. I would prefer it if the whole frame was out of focus; that would add more interest, for me anyhow. However, better photographers than I have already commented. So take my words with a big, fat, grain of salt.



  4. Kris Krug says:

    I totally value feedback like that Pierre. Thank you.

    That goes for the rest of you too… i love to hear it when you think one of my photos is cool, don’t stop. But it’s super valuable when you see something that I could do differently to improve a shot or my skills. Please point it out.

    Thanks again everyone for all your feedback. 🙂

  5. Claudine says:

    i love everything about this shot, particularly how my eye is immediately drawn to the centre…