Men’s Snowboard – Half Pipe Final – Complete Event – Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games

Relive the full dazzling finale of the men’s half pipe at the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games. Athletes featured in this video : WHITE Shaun, United States : PIIROINEN Peetu, Finland : LAGO Scott, United States : For more Vancouver 2010 videos go to and visit the official website of the Olympic Movement at for all information on Olympic Games, Sports and Athletes, National Olympic Committees and Olympic News.
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17 Responses to “Men’s Snowboard – Half Pipe Final – Complete Event – Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games”

  1. sbulax211 says:

    i love scotty lago listen to what he? says before he drops in at 56:00

  2. Kara Babrer says:

    who’s ready for 2014! ?

  3. MrSnoogsypoo says:

    0:25:54? beef curtains???? got damn shaun white knows how to throw up

  4. VictorYong36 says:

    Loving the winter games. Snowboarding? represents faster, higher and stronger.

  5. isetmfriendsofire says:

    Markus? Malin.

  6. isetmfriendsofire says:

    That Finnish guy around? 12 minutes has a cool board.

  7. AikenForClay says:

    when Shaun threw his hands? in the air and showed the flag on his gloves after his winning run, I got the chills

  8. Kr3w740 says:

    the french guy has? a kick ass stachexp

  9. Aksuu1 says:

    peeeeeeeeeeeeeetu the best (win ttr? 3 times)

  10. clwgirl510 says:

    Actually that’s just the way most snowboarder’s are. They’re crazy and? they act wacky.

  11. clwgirl510 says:

    Then White wouldn’t be good at halfpipe… I’m Canadian but face? it. Canadian’s suck at halfpipe.

  12. RaamAnkka says:

    I sitll cant beleave he pulled out that last trick O.o? awsome

  13. iluvqueen1 says:

    gotta say the finnish are a bit more humble than the americans, but? who cares 🙂 Id be pretty darn excited if I just won a medal too

  14. Amery Klohn says:

    38:11 -? 38:14 is pretty cool

  15. 0zmax says:

    What? a Epic Music !

  16. arrddy88 says:


  17. WeAreTitus says:

    3:25 Snow steps, In? proper Canadian fashion