Mediterranean Cruises on Princess Cruises

Rekindle the passion of life with a Mediterranean cruise or a Greek Island cruise. Be swept away by the romance of Venice or the sparkle of Monte Carlo. Be inspired by what once was in Athens. Discover the history and culture of these cities that grace the coastline of the Mediterranean Sea.
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23 Responses to “Mediterranean Cruises on Princess Cruises”

  1. PhilsTechHelp says:

    All cruise ship companies care about is MONEY. 1st they make you throw away all your drinks and food so they can sell? you their own for outrageous prices, 2nd they throw trash and waste away in the middle of the ocean so they don’t have to pay a fee to the dump. They don’t care that they’re ruining the planet or oceans, all they want is money. Hey, Princess Cruises, if you’re reading this, please help the world, let people bring their own products and don’t dump ANYTHING into our oceans. Thanks.

  2. newredshoe says:

    Princess is one of my? favorite cruise lines for seeing the Mediterranean.

  3. JeffFisher JaneBowell says:

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  4. usair97 says:

    Id die to do? this!

  5. GameHowTos1223 says:

    Sweet!? I’ve just received my free minecraft giftcode!

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  6. Summer Dawson says:

    purdy? boat

  7. irocksalot2 says:

    princess cruises? stink. All cruises stink. bleh.

  8. BrandonSinkovich says:

    Haha wow

  9. AshasJourney says:

    lol Titanic is like considered tiny now lol but yeah not gonna lie,? my first cruise I said it and mom was like please stop embaressing me lol :p

  10. BrandonSinkovich says:

    Haha I dont care lol…But I would not do it unless the? ship looked like Titanic

  11. AshasJourney says:

    I hope to go on a vacation to the meditteranian like this one someday. I live for? travel <3

  12. AshasJourney says:

    eww please? dont do that, that’s ghetto lol

  13. BLEACH01Z says:

    Nice to? have this featured when im watching Titanic clips at the very moment shes about to break in half (2:00-2:20 ish a.m. ) 100 years to the moment itself xD

  14. xAScalyLifex13 says:

    im afraid? of the sea

  15. purpleliaztion says:

    it took us 10 cruises to get to VIP! ?

  16. Swyvill says:

    I think I’ll be looking into other cruise lines now seeing as how I? went from Gold to rookie…..nothing to loose at this point

  17. Swyvill says:

    this is BS

  18. tazbeaux says:

    People? that have been cruising with Carnival can still make platinum under the old program. You just need to make your tenth cruise by Dec 31, 2013.

  19. Adam Silverman says:

    they did not even give me the 9? other cruises i have taken with them its all crap.

  20. deubelz06 says:

    I started sailing on Fantasy when it first came to Florida, before a loyalty program was even started. Carnival should be loyal to? their past guests by grandfathering them into this new VIFP program (which by the way sounds tacky)! If you were gold you should be gold, platinum should stay platinum and above should be diamond! For past guests this is not a good marketing strategy!

  21. deubelz06 says:

    The new VIFP is BS! I was above platinum (mile stone) and now I am back to platinum. I have been very loyal to Carnival and now it seems like? I am being penalized

  22. buabio says:

    go to steal your shitty american sand, you stupid? bitch.

  23. juliechats2000 says:

    Avid cruiser dislikes the new loyalty program… was easier to a crew status before they add your days at sea… what a joke… they took some of our rewards away