May 1 2010 Vancouver bc canada

About 20 min Before the march my friend rainbow john does a speech on the megaphone the police just about 20 min before this tried to arrest me for smoking marijuana, the crowd did not let them do it and chanted pick another day and so they did…
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  1. xZDaveZx says:


  2. bonghitpro420420 says:

    bong? hit to leagalization

  3. lilshortys309 says:

    cheers mate!?

  4. torontoskater2 says:

    Vancouver? to Toronto
    We Love Weed!

  5. 420budderhour says:

    look over? your shoulder

  6. chineseboy420 says:

    Steve is the best stoner?
    He’s awesome

  7. loubattle says:

    Jail, he said it in his last? video.

  8. oatbuck says:

    5 / 12 / 2010 still no place in North America for humans? being have the right to smoke marijuana. Please get registered to vote and support us in California this November ?

    We want to change history, but we need registered voters to win.

  9. dustmundo says:

    You gotta give the B.C. cops a little credit. Here in the states? “pick another day” means rubber bullets and tear gas.

  10. christankh says:

    Big Up? Marijuna man!!!!! & Big Up The Uk London!!

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  12. 420League says:


  13. Frankhasnolife says:

    Way to be proactive! i love this, stand up for what you believe? in.

  14. tikiToruk says:

    J-Day! haha I went to my local j-day 420 session spot. Lots of great protesting and? of course, MUSIC! 😀

  15. sas103 says:

    “This is just 4? minutes of a hippy talking..

  16. snoochpounder says:

    hey dude did they keep u one night in jail? when u turned urself in?

  17. ReallyPsilly says:


  18. ReallyPsilly says:


  19. Oahhraw says:

    Being a cop doesn’t make you a bad person. They are simply doing their job. I’m sure a lot of cops don’t agree with the laws around marijuana but? they get paid to do a job and since marijuana is currently against the law they have to do what they have to do.

  20. poiislifelifeispoi says:

    oppss? kind of repeated myself..o well…

  21. poiislifelifeispoi says:

    last night my friends an my sister went to a friends local pool an went swimming..
    turns out there were off duty police officers there..they had beer an gave to my sister an her friends who are all MINORS… they had POT an they were smoking it at the pool…..???? WTF to add on? to Steves comment above.ANYONE THAT CAN GO AN ARREST INNOCENT PEOPLE FOR SMOKING POT/MEDICNE…..THEN GO THE VERY NEXT DAY AND ARREST THEM FOR DOING SUMTHING THEY WERE JUST DOING THE DAY SHOULD BE THE ONES IN JAIL!

  22. gwaca6 says:

    i? like steve’s enthusiasm in the end.. WOOOOOOOOOO

  23. 2MarijuanaMan says:

    Anyone that takes a job? that makes you lock up harmless people, is a bad person in general…