Marijuana Party Bookstore / Amsterdam Cafe – Vancouver BC

Marijuana Party Bookstore / Amsterdam Cafe - Vancouver BC

This is a scenery video clip taken on West Hastings street in front of the Marijuana Party Bookstore & Amsterdam Cafe in Vancouver BC on August 14th, 2005.

June 26, 2012 @ 10:35 PM – 450 Pipeline Rd 4 work vehicles were torched at Stanley Park service yard near the VPD mounted squad Large police presence in the park as they were checking/ID-ing any cars that left the park. This was the 2nd suspicious/arson fire in Stanley Park in 10 days.

15 Responses to “Marijuana Party Bookstore / Amsterdam Cafe – Vancouver BC”

  1. Son Eire says:

    Don’t buy off street dealers around the cafe stick to the black door or friendly people you meet in the cafe… street dealers? will rob you or rip you off the neighborhood is filled with crack and herion addicts

  2. Son Eire says:

    There is a blackdoor a couple doors over from the cafe you knock on the door your lead into a room with a guy who will ask you how much you want, he usually has about 4-5? different kinds of weed…

  3. swampzoid says:

    I’ve never been to Vancouver. Is? it easy for a visitor to buy pot there ?

  4. unholyfarter says:

    its not legal in canada is just EXTREMELY lenient. you can still get in trouble if your selling or? carrying more-then-personals amounts.

  5. TheBoxxylol says:


  6. gotzMilks says:

    I? love the cafe

  7. 12waleed says:

    @pyromaneak47 it because of? people like me Marijuana hasn’t became extinct,

  8. 12waleed says:

    @pyromaneak47 what? you mean

  9. sk8alaska says:

    In juneau, ak we can smoke bud but if a cop sees you smoking he will tell you to put it out… i have? a friend who’s smoked bud with the chief of police

  10. motherhead123 says:

    yea but you dont get bc bud there in van and surrey we get STR8? bc bud KIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIILZ

  11. CapitanOlvidado says:

    I lived one block from there for alomst a year, on Pender St. We used to get reaaaly baked in the vaporizer lounge they had in? the BCMP Headquarters, good days…

  12. shinpodippy says:

    Must go,? to vancouver, now.. smoke..all..weed..

  13. 420LHP says:

    nice! with? the Beaste Boys soundtrack haha

  14. dinichio says:


  15. romanceforyou says:

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