Marianas Trench Beside You

Marianas Trench preforming Beside You from their lates album Masterpiece Theatre at the Virgin Radio 953 Factory in Vancouver, BC.

13 Responses to “Marianas Trench Beside You”

  1. L3216C says:

    where was ian’s shaker? thing?

  2. FindBeautyInEveryDay says:

    LOL josh and his coke zero? :’D <3

  3. AnimalLovers626 says:

    Does anyone have the full? video of that? Like, the whole interview and all?

  4. timetravelersparadox says:

    Thumbs up if you? saw the Coke Zero beside Josh!

  5. louloubell213 says:

    i wish they had a ‘love it’? button!!

  6. codi9e says:

    I only heard of them this year and I’m so glad I found them
    Marianas Trench <3?

  7. Kiah Loewen says:

    josh? is way too perfect.

  8. hbvfghbg says:

    I love how a? open coke zero is sitting right in front of Josh 😀

  9. dawndawg143 says:

    no way to explain? it so good

  10. dawndawg143 says:

    no way? to expanded


    I SEE COKE ZERO. Josh’s obsession.?

  12. Kennethnixionlover says:

    Really Josh Ramsay ,? really. You have that beautiful of a voice live. And your wildly attractive. Man your great.

  13. Zoieissoocoollike says:

    This band is absolutely amazing! They make my life so much? better!