Marianas Trench at UBC LipDub!

What..? Second promo video and you will never guess who is in it… LipDub is Very Simple: 1000 University / high school students, staff, and Vancouverites will sing, dance, and show off their special skills; all while lip-synching the words to Pink’s, Raise Your Glass and Marianas Trench, Celebrity Status!

For more fishing videos, please visit: The Chilliwack Vedder River offers fishing opportunities for steelhead between December and May. In March and April, salmon fry emerge in the river and they become a food target of these steelhead. To catch steelhead successfully during spring, anglers should try a small lure such as Yakima bait’s Hildebrandt Little Shaver. In this video feature, we look for these fine specimen by float fishing with these small spoons. To learn more about the fishing gear that we used in this feature, please watch the following video Subscribe to go Fishing with Rod! Be a Fishing with Rod fan on Facebook: Camera: Nina Manique & Rodney Hsu Edit: Rodney Hsu Music: Getty Images Inc. Copyright: Fishing with Rod Production

47 Responses to “Marianas Trench at UBC LipDub!”

  1. MarianasTrench1Dlove says:

    Seriously Josh?? You dont need a real job your friggen JOSH RAMSAY!!

  2. EdenKristin says:

    i am a? trencher jjust like you

  3. AnimalLovers626 says:

    They should do this again? in another part of Canada. 😀

  4. theunh0lyl0ver says:

    Lol to bad you? guy’s don’t do this sort of stuff in toronto

  5. pinkstars405 says:

    Why would you need a real job josh?!! You are awsome just the? way you are :))))))

  6. andrea ramsay says:

    he was in the hospital..the cardiact ward mooching food from the nurses but hes fine now and still super sexy ;)? <3

  7. IHeartTurnips14 says:

    @macquackstar He’s fine now, that was an old comment?

  8. macquackstar says:

    Why pray for? Josh? Did something happen?! Is he ok?!?!??!!!!!

  9. macquackstar says:

    Celebrity Status?

  10. KallumMcKee95 says:

    what? song is that in the backround???

  11. VivaLaTrench says:

    Why? I’m freaking torturing myself with watching? stuff like this and crying. Pray for Josh guys…just…Oh my god tears.

  12. iluvJoshMT4ever says:

    “the whole music thing is crashing and burning for? me” what? Not with all the trenchers out there! <3

  13. EPrimeRulezTheNation says:

    1:20 took From BLR :O

  14. ilovecookies1 says:

    Josh? even if you do get a real job wont fans still follow you even your biggest fan but i will try save you lol

  15. 93webkinz says:

    Why would Josh want? a normal job! his job is fantastic!!!

  16. mavery1998 says:

    josh? you never need to get a real job singing is a real job

  17. Simonlover17 says:

    His? swearer matchs my friends. and, um, Josh, NEVER GET A REAL JOB! Unless music counts. Otherwise, NO!

  18. GummiBear771 says:

    Nah, he said he was kicked out ’cause of heroin, I think. And I think he said it was funny, because? they still noted him as a notable alumnus.

  19. sofarsogood9 says:

    Kicked out? I? thought he graduated. My counselor talked about him all the time.

  20. GummiBear771 says:

    First of all, stop? bitching on each other. And also, he’s 28, as of this year. And I he was kicked out of Magee Secondary when he was about 16, I think.

  21. MTfan4ever1 says:

    A true fan is knowing all the lyrics, going to see their show to support all band members not just josh, not only knowing their hit singles but all or almost all songs not on the radio, Including their EP’s, Crying everytime josh tells his lover dearest? stories, and being able to support what they do. Marianas Trench just happens to be my LIFE. every song I relate to. so think before you go accusing me of not being a real fan, and get your facts straight.

  22. MTfan4ever1 says:

    And before you go telling me im not a real fan because you think? hes 28 and I have proof he isnt then well, thats stupid. No one noes his EXACT age because he never says it. Theyre are certain things no one knows about josh. all he gave us was that hes younger then 28 and 27. So shut up.

  23. MrSertz says:

    I’ve never read or seen anyone using a soon under a float like that! Then again, I’ve never gone for steelhead before, I’ll have to try that out if i can’t get one on the fly!(My first steelhead adventure will be this fall so, we’ll see how that goes).? Very neat, great video yet again Rod!

  24. fishingwithrod says:

    Depending on the time of the year, check out the? gear talk segment for this feature.

  25. thatsprettydusty says:

    Do you use? spinner well going steelhead fishing?

  26. thatsprettydusty says:

    Using a bigger rod is no fun, Takes all the? fight out of them.

  27. fishingwithrod says:

    Too many places to? choose from… 🙂

  28. fishingwithrod says:

    20g Zeppler in this video. That is the size I like to use for steelhead fishing, but I usually? go one size smaller for coho salmon fishing.

  29. Tou Vue says:

    What size drennan floats are? you using?

  30. 9810Ben says:

    I? will, Thanks

  31. NallekarkkiStudio says:

    What is the best place you have ever been doing fly? fishing at, Rod?

  32. fishingwithrod says:

    That is a centerpin reel.? If you go to the gear segment of this feature (the next video), we explain what exactly it is and why it is used for this type of fishing. 🙂

  33. 9810Ben says:

    Is that a spinning reel or a fly? rod reel?

  34. Reptiboy98 says:

    not if u know wat ur? doing

  35. Megamusicfan1997 says:

    Try using double splitrings is you loose alot a? lot of fish, it works great for the seatrout in sweden.

  36. EvilScorpio2060 says:

    that’s a small fish here in the us u would be lucky to catch a 2 pound? bass

  37. slayinsteelies says:

    hey rod me and you should hook up next year? and do some fishin message me back

  38. fishingwithrod says:

    Thanks! Enjoy your centerpin reel. I’ve had? mine for a decade now but have only used it regularly in the last couple of years, thoroughly enjoy it. 🙂

  39. chmith27 says:

    i just bought a? centerpin reel. really like your video. good job.

  40. fishingwithrod says:

    You’re welcome! Glad that you? have found success after three years. 🙂 There’ll be many more to come. 😉

  41. npolowski says:

    Rod – I want to thank you for this and other videos you have posted about your fishing escapades. I just caught my first hatchery doe Steelhead on the Vedder in late April, and it took me 3 long years to do it. I have observed and followed your advice about “what works” in this fishery and it paid off. As well, a? kind fisherman stopped to talk to me today, and I imagined him as a member of your forum who cares about this magnificent sport … Thanks m8!

  42. fishingwithrod says:

    Thanks. Netherlands also has fishing that cannot be found in BC (brackish pike? and perch), can’t wait to try one day. 😉

  43. fishingwithrod says:


  44. fishingwithrod says:

    That’s? good.

  45. fishingwithrod says:

    Fish are always easier to? land on the couch. 😉

  46. Imxaxmac says:

    I’ll give you a clue, you don’t land monster steelhead with your rod straight up in the air, if a big 15-20lb fish gets hooked hard he’s going to jump a? bunch of times and fight himself to Seth, put your rod to the side, also, don’t be afraid to gie a fish some wood, your getting owned by 4-5b fishnets sad to watch like a rookie amateur

  47. fishingwithrod says:

    No idea.?