Margaret Cho – Intervention – featuring Tegan and Sara

Margaret Cho - Intervention - featuring Tegan and Sara

Margaret Cho’s new music video Intervention, featuring Tegan and Sara, directed by Liam Sullivan. “Intervention” is on Margaret’s comedy music album, “Cho Dependent.” Get the song: Get it on CD or Vinyl with automatic download of the whole album: A short film by Clownery Productions In association with Liam Show Productions Problem Child: Margaret Cho Friend: Tegan Quin Friend: Sara Quin Interventionist: Louis Van Amstel Sister: Regina Ohashi Party Clown: Ryan Grimes Mom: Clara Chen Dad: Enrico Chen Homeless Man: Kevin Avery Friend: Jeremy Childs Directed by Liam Sullivan Produced by Ilana Cohn Sullivan and Keri Smith Esguia Executive Producer: Margaret Cho Production Coordinator / Asst Director: John DeJesus Director of Photography – Houston: Peter Simonite First Assistant Camera / Steady Cam – Houston: Raul A. Erivez First Assistant Camera / Tech – Houston: Jeff Fountain Art Director: Laura Hastings Grip/Production Assistant – Houston: Mark Arnes Director of Photography – Los Angeles: Chip Yamada First Assistant Camera /Grip – Los Angeles: Humberto Hidalgo Production Coordinator: Jessie Boemper Production Assistant – Houston: Muna Javaid Production Assistant – Los Angeles: Sarah Martin Makeup: Vanessa Perez Post-Production by Chip Yamada Still Photography: Lindsey Byrnes Camera: Gear, Precision Cam, Micro Search, Indie Rentals Hard Drives: Los Feliz High Tech Special Thanks to Nick Blasko, Kim Persley, Emily White and Bubba McNeely

Ocean Eye Productions Contact: Roman Zugarazo RTM Productions Contact:Oscar D. Like Us on Facebook ! Ocean Eye Live Acoustic Sessions. Christmas Special. Ocean Eye Productions are delighted to announce the launch of Ocean Eye Live Acoustic Sessions, a ground-breaking venture designed to support and promote local bands and artists across BC and surrounding areas. Make your sure you check Carly Rae Jepsen music! http Vancouver, BC, CANADA CREDITS Warren Scott, Colton Wallace, Ainsley Gervacio: Camera/ Crane Operators. Roman Zugarazo: Sound Mixer/Video Editor Oscar Dominguez: Camera Director Simon Tressel: Audio Engineer.

28 Responses to “Margaret Cho – Intervention – featuring Tegan and Sara”

  1. SuperPinoyChick says:

    tegan is? super freakin cute

  2. adamsjamie47 says:

    3:47 – 3:49 Tegans laughing 🙂 3?

  3. adamsjamie47 says:

    lol 3:23 – 3:26 Tegan is wearing a Pink Panther? hat n Sara is wearing Scooby-Doo 3

  4. megaravlogandmusic says:

    Yeah. This is? pretty much how my friends and I intereact with each other. lol

  5. dinasurTV says:

    I would do anything? to meet tegan and sara!!

  6. SamanthaLMusic says:

    Tegan’s face at? 1:15 haha!

  7. drago251 says:

    I want a girl that looks like Tegan and Sara.One? day i’ll find them in another life.

  8. damnunick says:

    Check out my? Intervention videos

  9. imalixyeah says:

    13 peoples plastic? pumpkins got puked in

  10. danonymouscommenter says:

    lol 1:18 – 1:19 tegan’s like wiggling? XP

  11. livesbymusic says:

    “I’m? sorry, was that ur jack-o-lantren?”

  12. darnezes says:


  13. Nightcrawler2010 says:

    Correction: My fav part is them flicking her off back? <3

  14. worldvideotalent says:

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  15. Shein69 says:

    In acoustic? it sounds better!

  16. tinamariel0l says:

    i always think the same thing, but oh? well lol.

  17. CakesterLongboards says:

    That is what pop is.?

  18. YourEndlessObsession says:

    She sounds so different in the? studio version :s whats the point in changing someones voice so much?

  19. aldenclarke says:

    Love the synth and? xylophone. Should be louder tho.

  20. hoodrockho88 says:

    Perhaps she was missing someone in her life that she didn’t know yet, and once she found that guy? , she realized that he was the person who was missing in her life was that guy…

  21. Jmisterz says:

    its a pop song -_- no need to read into? it

  22. TBVRECORDS says:

    I don’t get it… Before you came in to my life, i missed you so bad? How can you miss some one again that you don’t know? Anyway great song:) ?

  23. TfwBlackOps says:


  24. kayohenriquephb says:

    So? sweet!

  25. Kikuchiyosnodachi says:

    It’s not acoustic in a strict sense of the word, but it’s a version with the synths and electronic elements are toned down in the mix.

    I really like this girl, she’s got really good stage presence and her singing is strong. Her bassist is a trip? too.

  26. Castles OfSunshine says:

    Much better than the studio version, its much more emotional? and less mechanical/synthetic

  27. Mikster7500 says:

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  28. WatEverLou22 says:

    That keyboard person has talent. Pressing keys and then doing that other? thing.