Magic TV: Extra – Shawn Main Interview (Magic Cruise 2012)

Free strategy and draft videos at Tristan Shaun Gregson talks with Shawn Main aboard the 2012 Magic Cruise in a bonus episode of the “Magic TV” weekly series.

14 Responses to “Magic TV: Extra – Shawn Main Interview (Magic Cruise 2012)”

  1. MTGNoobma says:

    Really? On planeswalker M13’s AI? is pretty good actually.

  2. MTGNoobma says:

    Well,? I’ve played some duels, and from what I can say is that as long as I tried to think of what I had in my hand, and then guess how the AI was going to spend it based on mana tapping patterns from before. But yeah, feature was added too late.

  3. Frankacy says:

    Didn’t enjoy? this interview as much. Shawn is quirky as hell

  4. zxb995511 says:

    playing magic is hard. Teaching an AI? to do it is even harder.

  5. cataphracts123 says:

    I really enjoyed Duels. My only complaint was the lands not tapping. I’d always hate when it would tap? my lands evenly and prevent me from casting other potential spells in my hand for no reason.

  6. MrLoek4 says:

    When he talked about his card Yule Ooze, I thought he meant? You’ll Lose!

  7. JWbrasser says:


    *runs from fake humphrey!*

  8. Agamemnon84 says:


  9. yngmalm says:

    Well I’ve been saying it since i was 12 years old, and now shawn main has finally confirmed? it…THE GAME CHEATS!

  10. Coldbrand says:

    >that voice?

  11. MagicMike820 says:

    my only problem with dotp 2013 is the loading screens…why? would they use somberwald dryad and taste of blood for the loading screen arts they are the some of the worst arts of their respective sets

  12. Dearbornification says:

    Oh wow. Thats crazy. I didnt play the new one? cause Its just the same concept as the other 2 previous games.

  13. Jacen614 says:

    well? said

  14. F0rSak3nCaRnaG3 says:

    You sure i? remember Champagne Humphrey having a suit and a bottle of champagne at all times.