Luc Bourdon Tribute – Canucks Game #1 [10/09/08]

Before the opening face-off of the Vancouver Canucks’ 2008-2009 season, the team takes a moment to honour the memory of their fallen teammate – Luc Bourdon. Video courtesy of CBC/NHL. Captured from CBC-HD in Vancouver, BC.

Nardwuar interviews Skrillex in Vancouver, BC, Canada !
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41 Responses to “Luc Bourdon Tribute – Canucks Game #1 [10/09/08]”

  1. tErMiiNaTeDTv says:

    Maybe they disliked for the fact he? died? Idk people are strange.

  2. dsulli8 says:

    4 years

  3. ijshockey76 says:


    Luc Bourdon #28

    February 16,? 1987 — May 29, 2008


    Rick, The Pitbull, Rypien? #37

    May 16, 1984 — August 15, 2011

    Forever Canucks

  4. KJelly3130 says:

    The 6 people? who disliked this video are disgusting.

  5. bigshotmoneyman49 says:

    class act. just read this now. glad that u guys like hockey down there. we love the preds up here (cept when we play them of course) shea weber? is the man. u guys keep doin it every year. best of luck this year. see u in the western final….;)

  6. Goruthar says:


  7. selannekariya says:

    Burrows’s look on his face at 8:07? shattered my heart

  8. hockey31997 says:

    R.I.P., cousin.?

  9. GreenBayPackers121 says:

    4 people are Blackcocks? fans. RIP Buddy, your dearly missed. RIP Demitra, Rypien and Bourdon. We’ll get the cup this year for Luc once and for all 😉

  10. californiaalover says:

    Cant believe people actually disliked this. RIP Luc Bourdon, we love you and miss you.
    RIP Luc, Rick & Pavol.

  11. MrHockeydudeluv says:

    Luc could have done better on a girlfriend, as far as looks go, yikes! He? was a pretty good looking guy, none the less. R.I.P Luc. Honorable mention to those folks that bought that jersey, and then returned it to Luc’s mother….thats a class act by itself…cheers

  12. WiLLiZ05 says:

    this is sooo sad… how can anybody dislike it, honestly?
    The only thing wrong with this is now i can’t ever listen to big league without shedding a tear now :(?
    am I the only one?

    This is our year boys!!!
    lets do it for Luc, Pavol, and Rick!!! …….BELIEVE

  13. volainge09 says:

    I appreciate you for that. Although I will admit that I grew a bit of a competitive hatred for the Canucks during our series, my opinion on Luc remains the same. He was truly a class act, and this is a very touching? tribute to him.

  14. selannekariya says:

    I just want to say how classy you are for saying something so kind and touching like this.? It means a lot to the Canucks and us true fans. It’s nice to know that not everyone are barbaric morons.

  15. jordan8895 says:

    RIP Luc Bourdon :'(
    – From Montreal Quebec Canada?

  16. 55andyb says:

    Everytime it brings tears to my eyes rip Luc and Rick once a? canuck always a Canuck 2012 is for you boys

  17. sortofawesome1 says:

    Rest In Peace Luc and Ripper. You two will always? be Canucks.

  18. l3enjo says:

    Maybe people dislike Bourdon dying??

  19. bohemiancupcakes says:

    Gone,? but never forgotten. <3

  20. alostcase23 says:

    2012, were winning it? for Luc

  21. LaurenLockett says:

    The Four dislikes where from the? blackhawks, The Preds The Sharks and the Bruins 🙁 R.I.P Luc

  22. xamanda87 says:

    I still? cry every time I watch this. Rest in Peace Luc.. <3

  23. Deckchairify says:

    “Ellie has done stuff with you, hasn’t she?”

    If? you know what I mean….

  24. systm1111 says:

    Skrillex? looks like Corey Feldman…

  25. MrGrantlbart says:

    damn,? you’re right

  26. bostonbruinbabyboy1 says:

    what a? “talented” “DJ”

  27. RyanAllderdice says:

    You…? Your.. Your Magical

  28. cliffyisguapo31 says:

    Nardwaur vs. Lana Del Rey?

  29. EPICAP1 says:

    Nardwuar vs. Fonzarelli?

  30. legorocks3 says:

    Nardwuar? vs Riff Raff
    and Nardwuar vs Childish Gambino

  31. nigibefly says:

    they sound the same.?

  32. MrRico544 says:


  33. Jorgetime says:

    Skrillex looks like a really nice guy.?

  34. Andyzor says:

    Skrillex totally sound like Jonah hill!?

  35. jedeyewarrior says:

    sucking his? dick haha

  36. Senex321 says:

    umm dating? him lol

  37. Senex321 says:

    i guess you have to? be down to earth to deal with a crazy adhd acting guy like nardwaur lol

  38. Idontwantanaccountok says:

    Skrillex? is a gum swallower!

  39. cmanclan101 says:

    annoying? stalker type.

  40. systm1111 says:

    I couldn’t get into Grimes. I will go for Skrillsex? and Diplo…

  41. olliety says:

    What the hell is? Ellie Goulding hanging round with Skrillex?!