“Love Train” by the Lollipop Girls

The Lollipop Girls at rehearsal. Stay tuned for their fully costumed debut this summer on Via Rail across Canada! Yes this is “their” own voice track! Producer: Percy von Lipinski Director of Photography: Pascal Krammer Sound Engineer: Elisa Pangsaeng Mix Engineer: Amanpreet Brar Editor: Mathew Gibbs Camera: Luiza Gurgel Filmed on Location at PAVI Vancouver, Canada Scotia Dance center, Canada Lollipop are: Ava, Camille, Jordan, Jordana and Vanessa

Anthony climbing up the Grouse Grind in Vancouver Canada, 2012.
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21 Responses to ““Love Train” by the Lollipop Girls”

  1. lollypop1135 says:

    Good? job Camille its Emma!

  2. harryfredtoque says:

    Great vocal group! Fun video. Nice work? girls.

  3. Mariette Smith says:

    Great song !You all sound wonderful. Cannot wait? for your Via Rail tour, see you at your next concert!

  4. Camille Taggart says:


  5. Camille Taggart says:

    not at all and if? we did it would be tiny little fights

  6. Camille Taggart says:

    we have no? makeup on!!!!!!!!!!

  7. percyvonlipinski says:

    The song was originally performed by five of the greatest singers in history, “The? O’Jays”. The Lollipop girls perform it because it is part of their set list for Via Rail Cross Canada.

  8. bluepool210 says:

    Who wrote the song? 🙂 it’s great by the way?

  9. jenniferwaugh says:

    Naturally gorgeous, talented girls look like they are all having fun? doing what they love!

  10. Ava von Lipinski says:


  11. colleen mc says:

    they? sound awesome!

  12. Ava von Lipinski says:

    my mom (ava’s mom? )

  13. Ava von Lipinski says:

    my mom (ava’s mom )?

  14. Ava von Lipinski says:


  15. Ava von Lipinski says:


  16. Ava von Lipinski says:

    we? don’t even have makeup on!

  17. Ava von Lipinski says:

    Yes? TOTALLY!

  18. Ava von Lipinski says:

    i? agree

  19. Ava von Lipinski says:

    sadly no!? but we are the bestest friends in the whole wide world

  20. Ava von Lipinski says:

    yes we? do

  21. Ava von Lipinski says:

    we practice saturday’s from 10 am? till 4:00 pm ! by the ways we have the best grades